Google goes all-in on fixing Pixel 8 screen issues with a warranty extension

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What you need to know

  • Google has introduced a three-year extended warranty for Pixel 8 devices to address display issues like vertical lines and flickering.
  • Not all devices qualify; Google or an authorized partner will check your device's serial number.
  • Devices not eligible for the extended warranty might still be covered under Google's standard warranty for similar issues.

Google has announced a new extended warranty for Pixel 8 devices to address the vertical line and flickering issues that emerged in November.

The tech giant has acknowledged in a Pixel Phone Help page that some Pixel 8 phones are having display issues, so it has beefed up its warranty program. Now, if you have a Pixel 8 with persistent vertical lines or flickering on the screen, you're covered for three years from the date you purchased the device.

While the number of Pixel 8 phones with these display problems isn't known, user reports on forums over the past six months suggest that it's a widespread issue. Apart from the vertical line, there were user reports in February about the Pixel 8 screen turning green randomly.

Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for the extended warranty. Google or an authorized repair partner will run a diagnostic check using your device's serial number to see if it’s eligible.

Google has set the rules for the extended warranty program. To qualify, your Pixel 8 must have either a persistent vertical line across the screen or recurring display flickering.

For Pixel 8 owners whose devices don’t qualify for the extended warranty, there’s good news. Those devices might still be covered under Google's standard limited warranty if they have similar display issues or other hardware problems, as should be the case.

It's worth mentioning that the Pixel 8 Pro isn't included in this extended warranty program, as The Verge noted. While some users have reported similar vertical line issues with the Pixel 8 Pro, these aren't covered by the program right now.

Pixel 8 display issues aren't unique to Google's phones. Some of your beloved Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, has faced similar problems. Shortly after launch, Galaxy S24 owners reported various display issues like washed-out colors and grainy textures, among others.

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