Get a Galaxy A54 for just 100 bucks during Samsung's early Black Friday sale — here's how

The back of the black Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

While most folks (including yours truly) are laser focused on the upcoming Black Friday sales, Samsung has quietly launched a sitewide deal event that features some pretty noteworthy offers on tech. 

Samsung Week just kicked off yesterday morning with a bounty of discounts on top-rated smartphones, appliances, and TVs, including one of our favorite midrange devices, the Samsung Galaxy A54. Pick up an A54 through Samsung this week and you'll get $50 off straight away, plus up to $300 of trade-in credit when you send along an old or broken device. 

That means you could be saving as much as $350 if you play your cards right, and since the A54 typically retails for around $449.99, the price of this excellent cheap Android phone might just drop down to a Benjamin. Of course, trade-in offers can be tricky, but you can easily plug in the model name of your old phone to see the discount before committing to anything. Trading in a Galaxy S22 Plus, for instance, will get you the max credit, while trading in a Galaxy A53 or S21 will get you $250 and $200 off, respectively. Again, that first $50 off is guaranteed.

One of our favorite cheap phones just got cheaper

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G 128GB: $50 off, plus up to $300 of trade-in credit at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G 128GB: $50 off, plus up to $300 of trade-in credit at Samsung

This week only, if you buy the Galaxy A54 from Samsung, the tech company will hook you up with a $50 discount and up to $300 of enhanced trade-in credit. That "enhanced" distinction means that, even if you don't get the max $300 discount, you'll still be getting much more trade-in cash than you would at any other time. So dig out those old devices and see how much you can save today.

In addition to those sweet, sweet savings, Samsung will give you four months of YouTube Premium and four months of SiriusXM streaming for 100% free. 

Price comparison: Best Buy - $409.99 | Amazon - $409.99 

The Samsung Galaxy A54 is a mid-range masterpiece that boasts a stunning 120Hz AMOLED display, large 5,000mAh battery, and fluid performance thanks to the Exynos 1380 chip. And although it has a plastic construction, as we note in our A54 review, the phone is "heavy enough to not feel cheap, very well balanced" and may be "one of the best plastic builds.. ever seen from Samsung".

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  • winmod21
    As usual, the "up to"... is the catch. :rolleyes:
    If you've got a perfectly great working phone— that you've been using and enjoying and for approx 4~6 years (or even 3~4 yrs), that's in as immaculate a condition for it's age, as possible, Samsung will often or likely show/offer a surprising $0.00 trade-in value, unless it's a newer phone.

    And without a decent trade-in value, on your trade-in, the A54 5G was at a much better deal 2~3 weeks ago .... when Amaz had for $120. off .