Galaxy S24 Ultra rumored to gain a huge boost for its video recordings

The back of the green Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest Samsung could offer 4K 120fps video recording for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • The device may offer "seamless zoom" for 4K 60fps recordings and rumors add users could find a 30fps option during playback for a "cinematic" feel.
  • A large leak from December suggests the Galaxy S24 Ultra will arrive with a 200MP primary lens and a "quad telephoto" array.

Samsung's next launch is around the corner and some speculations about possible video recording upgrades have been floating around.

Notable leaker Ice Universe on X suggests the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be able to record videos at 4K with 120fps (via Android Authority). Rumor has it that the S24 Ultra will be able to "seamlessly zoom" at 4K resolution with 60fps, as well.

It's currently rumored that the S24 Ultra would have to switch between its available lenses to achieve various zoom ranges. What's more, the S24 Ultra's primary lens is possibly the only one capable of recording at 120fps.

Furthermore, the tipster added, the 4K -120fps recording option will let users cut that down to 30fps during playback for a "cinematic" feel. The video will allegedly run "four times slower," as a result. However, it remains unclear if the video example shown is from a Galaxy S24 Ultra or another device. 

Ice Universe warns that the rumored videography upgrades might not make it into the final product. This functionality is still being tested and users will have to wait until the device is launched to see if it made the cut.

Meanwhile, there was no mention of the S24 and S24 Plus receiving extra upgrades in areas of video recording .

For context, the Galaxy S23 Ultra launched with recording capabilities of 4K/30fps, 4K/60fps, and 8K/30fps. At some point, if the rumors are true, Samsung could bring another option to consumers that offers even smoother recorded videos at a higher resolution.

Speaking of its camera, a second massive leak in December, spilled Galaxy S24 series' specs for all three devices. The rumor spec sheet showed the continuation of a 200MP primary lens for the S24 Ultra, alongside a maximum of 8K video recording resolution. Additionally, the device may arrive with a "quad telephoto" array with 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x zoom capabilities.

The S24 and S24 Plus were rumored to arrive with a 50MP main camera, up to 8K recording, and a slimmed-down "dual telephoto" array. Both phones may arrive with the GN3 camera sensor, as well.

We may not be far off from a Galaxy S24 launch, rumored to take place on January 17 at 1 pm EST in San Jose, California.

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