Forget the Pixel 6a! Get a Pixel 6 for the same price on Prime Day

CASETiFY Toy Story cases for Google Pixel 6
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The Pixel 6a is designed to be the budget choice in Google's lineup, but what if you could get a perfectly good Google Pixel 6 for the same price as the Pixel 6a? Thanks to Prime Day, you can, and this $200 off deal gives you the opportunity to get better specs, more features, and better battery life than the Pixel 6a without increasing the price.

Google Pixel 6: $599 $399 at Amazon

Google Pixel 6: $599 $399 at Amazon
At this price, choosing the Pixel 6 over the Pixel 6a is a no-brainer. It's got a better display, better camera, better battery life, and more features. Do it. Do it now.

Now, we know the Pixel 7 just came out but, as Derrek noted in our review, it's not exactly a perfect phone. In other words, if you were hoping it would be a massive upgrade from the Pixel 6, you might as well just save $200 and get this great Pixel 6 deal instead.

It's still got tons of great Pixel features like Magic Eraser and call screening, two things that'll make your life so much more pleasant. You won't have to worry about spam calls thanks to call screening, and Google Assistant can answer the calls that do happen to come through.

And Magic Eraser is just such a joy to use to remove those unwanted cameos in your photos, whether it was someone else's dog or an ugly light pole that ruined the perfect shot.

Let's not forget Face Unblur, which is pure Google magic that happens automatically any time you take a picture where someone won't stop moving. Those smart Google algorithms run on the Google Tensor processor inside and automatically unblur the moving faces, ensuring even your fidgety kids will look crisp and sharp.

If we're comparing to the Pixel 6a, it's a no-brainer upgrade. You get a 90Hz display on the Pixel 6, while the Pixel 6a is stuck with a 60Hz one. The Pixel 6 also has newer 50MP sensors, while the 6a is still stuck with 12MP ones. And the battery life on Pixel 6 is better too, getting through a full day with little to no issue. It's a great choice, especially with this great price.

And if you like that Buzz Lightyear case in the photo above, it's one of the special edition Toy Story cases from CASETiFY, although those aren't on sale for Prime Day, sadly.

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