T-Mobile users can finally make calls through Alexa — here's what you need to know

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Good news: T-Mobile customers can now make and receive calls through Amazon Alexa devices. This means that the carrier has finally joined Verizon and AT&T in teaming up with the popular smart home ecosystem, and users will now be able to hook up their numbers and connect with family and friends through simple voice commands. 

To set it up, you'll need to be the primary owner of a T-Mobile account with a postpaid wireless plan and a T-Mobile ID. Naturally, you'll also need an Amazon account, one of the many great Alexa speakers that are out there, and a smartphone (Android 8.0 / iOS 14 or newer). 

The setup process is fairly simple. First, download the Alexa app to your Apple or Android phone and sign in with your Amazon credentials. Go to More > Settings > Communication and select T-Mobile under Accounts. You'll then get some instructions for linking your T-Mobile account to your Alexa ecosystem. You can also go directly to the T-Mobile with Alexa Skill page to enable the Skill. 

Once you're set up, all of your Alexa devices will be able to make receive phone calls with simple commands like "Alexa, call Mom" or "Alexa, dial XXX-XXX-XXXX". In an emergency, you can also say "Alexa, call 911" to be connected with authorities. 

If you don't want the ability to make and receive calls on every Alexa-enabled device that you own, you can also pick and choose devices by going back into the Alexa app, selecting More > Settings > Communication > T-Mobile, and unselecting individual devices in the Allow calling on section. 

T-Mobile with Alexa

T-Mobile with Alexa

If you're a T-Mobile user, you can now use your Amazon Alexa devices to make and receive calls using hands-free voice commands. Whether your phone is in a different room or you have your hands full with the kids, simply say "Alexa, call X" and your smart speaker will take care of the rest. All you need is a postpaid T-Mobile account and an Alexa device to enable the new feature. 

Amazon Echo 4th Gen:$99.99 $64.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo 4th Gen: $99.99 $64.99 at Amazon

Our favorite-ever Alexa device, the 4th Gen Echo comes with everything you'd ever want in a smart speaker, such as lossless audio support, intelligent privacy controls, and a sleek, spherical design that'll fit seamlessly with most existing décor. And of course, T-Mobile users can now use the Echo to make and receive phone calls using voice commands. 

Right now, you can snag one (or more) of these devices for $64.99, which is a considerable 35% discount. 

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