Google Fi expands its global 5G coverage for select Android phones

Google Fi
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What you need to know

  • Google is expanding its 5G coverage at an international level.
  • Pixels and Galaxy S22 phones are able to take advantage of 5G speeds while traveling to the 39 supported countries.
  • Other Android users can still enjoy full-speed 4G access in over 200 countries on Google Fi.

Google has announced several enhancements to its Fi coverage to stay connected with all kinds of smartphones across regions. In an announcement blog post, the search giant stated that it is tripling its international 5G network coverage with 26 additional countries added to the current list.

So far, it seems this expanded coverage is limited to select Android phones from Samsung and Google, like the Pixel 6. Existing Google Fi users on a Flexible or Unlimited Plus plan, also bearing a compatible Pixel or the latest Galaxy S22 series smartphone, can enjoy 5G speeds in 39 countries. And users who don't own either of these phone models will get full-speed 4G coverage in over 200 countries.

The best part is that anyone on the Unlimited Plus plan can still access up to 50GB of high-speed data while traveling. Meanwhile, Android users on Flexible and Unlimited Plus plans can use hotspot tethering while abroad, which may be helpful for getting work done while on the go.

Google Fi is also expanding features for iPhone users. iPhones can now utilize international hotspot tethering, and Google is also bringing Wi-Fi calling to the iPhone, a feature already available for Android phones. This feature is particularly useful as it can reduce calling costs while traveling abroad.

Google says it plans to expand 5G coverage on its Fi network to more countries over time.

Fortunately, these new updates to Google Fi won't change its pricing. Early this year, Google announced reduced pricing, making Fi plans start at as low as $17 per month depending on your needs, with three main plans to choose from.

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