Pantech Breakout another Verizon LTE Android phone?

While it may not be sporting the best hardware specs, the Pantech Breakout may have have one big thing going for it -- it looks to be a Verizon LTE device, according to this shot we just got from a tipster.  That's not saying the specs are bad -- 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, front and rear cameras and running Gingerbread -- and it sounds like something we all would have dreamed about just six months ago.  Of course, the real news is the LTE.  We've been kicking around rumors of the Breakout since mid-July, and this is the first time anyone has mentioned LTE in the same breath. (Note the use of a SIM card and 4G mobile hotspot for up to 10 devices.)

Of course, we've seen this sort of thing be wrong before, but knowing another choice for an LTE phone may be coming is always good news.  We've got no date on when to expect it, but if someone is drawing up comparison sheets, it can't be too far off.

Thanks, Anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Sweet so this will ease the frustration of losing the SG II (rolls eyes) Thanks and up yours Verizon!!!
  • See, there you go verizon people! Don't need the sgs2 when you got pantech!! Lmfao!!!!!!!!
  • Why can't they make a high end lte with 4 inch screen why all these low ends only?
  • They did make a high end 4G phone with a large's called the Thunderbolt
  • Wtf, Verizon is dropping the ball.who approved this shit.why lte on this shit, an not the d3
  • Contract expiration coming soon
  • Ok this is starting to get ridiculous. I have not said much in regard to the VZW lineup, but it looks like now every "high end" device is going to other carriers. I like the coverage and the LTE speeds, but it is going to get to a point that those options may be outweighed by the choices I am left with. I was hoping to pick up a VZW version of the SGS II, and now I'm feeling like VZW is making poor choices on the lineup.
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  • Not a verizon fan, but Raiderwill is right. If I was with Verizon, I would have this phone. (droid charge)
  • and queue the verizon fan boys to get all defensive and the trolls from Sprint to starts rubbing salt in the wound by talking about how awesome Sprint is. Now where is that Richard guy who LOVES THE GREATEST PHONE EVAR THE EVO 3D FROM THE MOST BEST COMPANY HTC ON THE MOST ULTIMATE COOLEST ULTRA CARRIER, SPRINT? OH AND BTW I AM NOT YELLING THIS IS JUST HOW I TALK.
  • Lmao@ Nirvana. That richard guy annoys the crap out of me.