Pandora Comes to Android

Bam! Another big hitter just released an application for Android. Pandora just announced that they've released an Android application and it's pretty much a must download for any music loving, Android user. We've already detailed our love for Pandora but we'll say it again, having the ability to fine tune and personalize your own radio station to your musical tastes makes storing music on your phone's hard drive redundant. Streaming music recommendation services are the way to go.

Pandora for Android will work over Wi-Fi, 3G, and even EDGE. It even comes with a home screen widget and allows for background playback. Pandora is available for free on Android Market.

[pandora (opens in new tab)]

Casey Chan
  • In the UK premium users can also download the Spotify app for Android which also supports listening to their personalised radio station offline. :)
  • I am stoked about having Pandora for the G1 Android. Very nice, rocking it now! I would be in heaven if there was A2DP for Android...
  • Facebook and Pandora!! Man, android just keeps looking up, I just might have to upgrade to that from the iPhone once my contract is up. If they make a device exactly like the Hero (chin-version) but it gets bumped up to the speed comparable to the 3GS and comes to ATT I will buy one.
  • Pandora is gone away at Android market from Spain. Sudden disappeared and links and barcodes not works.
  • Pandora is Gone in the US cant load on Sprint Hero
  • Pandora radio and Spotify are not available at my country...
    Have found a great alternative for Music