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Pandigital introduces 9-Inch Android Multimedia Tablet and eReader arriving on AT&T

Still weighing options when it comes to Android tablets? Well Pandigital is hoping to sway you with their offering of a 9-inch multimedia tablet and eReader all in one. Arriving on AT&T at the end of this month bearing suggested retail price of $279.99. The Pandigital offering comes with an ARM 11 processor, 2GB of integrated memory and an SD, SDHC and MMC card reader that accepts up to 32GB memory in addition to a mini-USB port. On top of all that, included is AT&T wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi built in. Any takers? Oh ya, should be mentioned -- screen is resistive. [Press Release]

  • I wont buy a resistive tablet. That's all there is to it
  • FIRST!!!!!!!!!
  • resistive...gross
  • Really. Hmmmm.... I guess that's the end of iPad AT&T exclusivity. LOL!!! Too bad it's on AT&T, as I won't be getting one. Don't need anything other than my 4.3" HTC EVO Tablet. LOL!!!
  • Archos 70 has a capacitive touch screen for the same price as this thing.
  • The Nookcolor is even cheaper with better specs.
  • Ha! What's funny is that as soon as I saw the headline with the words "Pandigital" my first response was "So I guess that means it will have a crappy display..." They're digital frames look absolutely terrible so I'm surprised that they would do the usual thing and skip out on the most important part of the device.
  • Dumb question: What's the difference between Resistive (and what would be the other) and something else? What's the DroidX have?
  • Resistive means you actually have to press down on the screen for it to pick up your finger input...or you need to use a stylus. The Droid X (along with other Android phones, all the iOS devices, WP7 devices, Palm Pre, etc. all have capacitive screens.
  • ARM 11 why not at least a cortex A8?
  • I bought the 7" Pandigital for my mom and it was JUNK!!! Went and got her a Nook Color... Much better. Don't waste your $$$ on this crap
  • >"2GB of integrated memory" Doubtful. It probably has 256MB or 512MB of memory. Memory=RAM. Why the marketing people can't seem to get that right baffles me. Now, it might have 2GB of STORAGE, or FLASH. Either way, Pandigital usually makes junk. Junk tied to a 3G carrier is even scarier. Pass. We want a quality, 10", WiFi-only, 3.0 tablet for around $400. Waiting!!!!!
  • You forgot to add capacitive screen to that list of requirements ;)