OxygenOS 4.1.0 (Android 7.1.1) update starts rolling out for OnePlus 3 and 3T

OnePlus has begun its OTA rollout of the latest version of Oxygen OS for the Android 7.1.1 update for both the OnePlus 3 and 3T. You can read all about it on the OnePlus forum post here (opens in new tab).

Here are some of the highlights of what new for both the OnePlus 3 (opens in new tab) and OnePlus 3T (opens in new tab)) update:

  • Upgraded Android 7.1.1
  • Updated Google security patch to 1st March 2017
  • Added expanded screenshots
  • Improved picture taking of moving objects with blur reduction
  • Improved video stability when recording
  • Improved WiFi connectivity
  • Improved bluetooth connectivity
  • General bug fixes

The update will only reach a small number of users today before becoming more broadly available over the next few days. If you simply can't wait, a hero in the thread comments has uploaded a full zip of the OnePlus 3T update (opens in new tab) if you're so inclined.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on the first official Nougat update for the OnePlus 2, which OnePlus has said is still coming… eventually.

Have you received the 7.1.1 update on your OnePlus 3 or 3T? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

Marc Lagace

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.

  • Can't wait to get the update. Will probably VPN update eventually. I'm liking the additional improvements they've made.
  • Improved WiFi connectivity Improved bluetooth connectivity We'll see lol.
  • I got the update this morning on my OnePlus 3T.
    Only tested the bluetooth part so far and it's a HUGE improvement for me. Before the update I always had problems to establish a connection to my already paired Bose QC35.
    After connecting them the play/pause control was working fine, but no audio at all unless I disconnected and connected them again, then everything worked. Now since the update, they work fine right away every time I tried so far. ;-)
  • Opera VPN to germany got the update going for me (USA). I understand the need to throttle updates, but if someone goes to settings and clicks "check for updates", it should override any regional blocks. Bypass the VPN hoops.
  • You have to give OP credit for more regular updates to the 3 and 3T - bringing the Security update to the latest available again. By contrast my Tmob LG V20 is still on the December update. For me it's something to consider when I think about the G6 vs the 3T.
  • Excellent, I can finally use bluetooth in my car again.
  • Hopefully!!!!
  • All worked fine for me after the update, immediately connected to my car bluetooth for music at last!
  • Downloading now. I need it for the same reason. And for Airpod connectivity.
  • Yes, I hope so too!
  • Hi
    After update 7.1.1 u r file manager working????? or any other issues??
  • Haven't found any issues, in fact as well as my car bluetooth now working I can now use Android Pay on the London Underground, which I couldn't before. Never noticed a problem with the Oneplus file manager but I mainly use solid explorer. Had a quick look and it seems ok to me.
  • Snap VPN to Canada and got the update. Happy about the improvement on Bluetooth and WiFi..
  • So the Axon 7 and OP3/3T got Android 7.1.1 Meanwhile, most non-Pixel/Nexus devices (especially flagships) are on 7.0 still. Maybe we'll see more progress further down.
  • Then there's the Nexus 6 debacle...
  • It's not really the bizarre upgrade path that's concerning. It's how they responded. That one is a serious head scratcher. We thought it was an accident initially. Imagine the surprise when Google said it was actually intentional.
  • 99.99%of the Nexus 6 issues is because people are too stupid and don't realize after ever major OS update, you have to do a factory reset!! Duh people
  • Yeah, the reason they had to downgrade to 7.0 and break their apps was because they never did an FDR before. Sure. /s Seriously, you're making that sound as if every Nexus 6 user is a dumbass.
  • The new Nexus. I am enjoying the 3T far more than I did the Pixel phone while I had it.
  • Got the update for my 3T. Seems solid so far. No obvious issues.
  • The phone is snappier after the update. Now let's see if it increases the battery life.
  • it may be imagination and/or placebo, but I feel it does indeed somewhat increase battery life.
  • When i will get nougat update for one plus 2 as earlier they told it will be available in February end.....