OPPO will show off its under-display selfie camera on June 26

OPPO Find X (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • OPPO to show off its first under-display front-facing camera at MWC Shanghai on June 26.
  • It first teased us with this technology in a tweet earlier this month.
  • Xiaomi is also working on a phone with a camera hidden under the display.

OPPO first teased us with a selfie camera under the display with a tweet at the beginning of June. Now, OPPO has taken to Twitter again to hint that we will be seeing more of this technology very soon.

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There isn't much info to go off from the tweet other than it plans to show off a new solution for full-screen displays, and at MWC Shanghai on June 26.

The 15-second video embedded with the tweet shows a progression phones have gone through over the years, and the clever ways the selfie camera has been included as bezels shrank. The evolution covers innovations such as OPPO's manually flip around selfie camera, the notch, and slide out selfie cameras. Then, finally, we see a full-screen display with a circular outline of where the camera is hidden behind the display.

The previous teaser tweet showed off a disguised phone with a full-screen display, that then shocks us when the camera app opens to reveal a live-view camera hidden behind the display.

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As for specs, details, and quality of the camera hidden behind the display, we are all left in the dark. Perhaps OPPO will be giving us more insight into how it works and the quality of this under-display selfie camera in a couple of days.

Either way, we can't wait to find out more on June 26 like the rest of you. Don't forget that OPPO isn't the only one working on this tech, though. Not to be left out, Xiaomi also tweeted about its phone with a camera hidden under the display soon after OPPO's first teaser.

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Jason England
  • Dang these Chinese phone makers really are putting everyone else to shame
  • This is why I have got the OP7pro. This will be a feature on the OP7TPro