Onward charges onto Oculus Quest on July 31, supports cross-play with PC VR

Onward Oculus Quest Hero
Onward Oculus Quest Hero (Image credit: Downpour Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Onward, the popular military VR shooter, is coming to Oculus Quest on July 31.
  • It will cost $25 on the Oculus Store and will feature the full single-player and multi-player experience.
  • Oculus Quest players will be able to play multi-player matches with both Steam and Oculus players on PC.

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have the final release date and pricing for the Oculus Quest release of popular military shooter Onward. Onward will be debuting on the Oculus Store for the Oculus Quest on July 31, with a rather reasonable price of $25. Developer Downpour Interactive took to their blog to announce the release date and price, as well as detail all the features you'll find in the Oculus Quest release, which also coincides with the release of version 1.8 on the PC.

Onward is a military shooter that's along the same vein as Counter-Strike, pitting teams of operative against each other in a modern militaristic setting. Fans of the venerable Tango sim will find Onward immediately familiar, as it feature plenty of gameplay mechanics and modes that are sure to feel fresh and new, thanks to the fact that you're now moving with your body instead of just a controller.

Downpour Interactive took the time to explain that everything you would expect of the PC version is in the Oculus Quest version. That includes what they call an "immersive battlefield experience with great combat mechanics and a sharp eye for realism", as well as some incredibly impressive visuals, even for the Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest version includes all multi-player and single-player game modes such as Assault, Uplink, Escort, co-op Hunts, and even the social modes as well. Even the scopes on guns work and behave realistically, as they do in the PC version, and all gun handling and shooting mechanics feel visceral and authentic.

You can wishlist Onward for the Oculus Quest right now by following this link. Unfortunately, players who have purchased Onward on the PC-based Oculus Store will not have cross-buy access to it on the Oculus Quest, since it was a separately developed version of the game. Onward has been in development for several years now, even going back to the Early Access program on Steam in 2017. Check out the trailer below to see the Oculus Quest version of the game in action.

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