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OnePlus wants you to smash your phone for a OnePlus One

'OnePlus Phone Smash' begins April 25

As part of today's today's OnePlus One announcement, the manufacturer has unveiled a novel way for fans to get in on the ground floor. From this Friday, April 25, you'll be able to head to to and apply to destroy your current phone in exchange for the Cyanogen-powered beast. Just 100 will be selected to dispense with their old phone and and pay just $1 for a new OnePlus One.

A countdown timer currently live on OnePlus' site suggests it'll go live at 9 a.m. E.T. on the 25th, so you'll want to hold off smashing anything for the next couple of days. OnePlus' says the first 100 to "smash the past" will be "the very first" to get the new handset. What's more, they'll also be able to invite friends to buy the device through the OnePlus invite program.

Would you smash up your current handset in exchange for the much-hyped handset? Let us know in the comments.

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Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Not sure if serious,or crazy marketing. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have an old POS Blackberry I would smash for this. :P
  • With only 100 spots available, they're probably going to be picking people who'll smash up current-gen stuff.
  • Probably right. Oh well, I can wait. Sucks the white model is only available in 16gb. Total bullshit.
  • Later on, you'll be able to buy a white back if you buy the 64GB model. Posted via Android Central App
  • How would they know who has current gen devices when people sign up? Posted via Android Central App on my Moto X
  • a question in the registration, perhaps?
  • According to ebay, I could sell my GS4 for more than the $299 price of the OnePlus One. I'm not seeing how this is that great a deal.
  • Only if it is unlocked. If it is locked to a carrier, I doubt it. Smash away.
  • I have an unlocked Red AT&T branded S4 on eBay right now, no box, perfect condition and we're north of $350 with 4 or 5 hours left. The price on them dipped in the week before and after the S5 announcement but once people realized a S5 costs 600+ the S4 went back to around $400.
  • Isn't AT&T selling refurb S4 for like $165? Posted via Android Central App
  • That was $180, it was the S4 active, it was half price for one day, and it was locked to AT&T. Posted via Android Central App
  • remember the first batch of devices will go for a lot more on ebay when resold so youll probably be making closer to $500 from getting a one plus one until more devices filter out over the next few months.
  • Unless I am missing something, the only info they ask for is your email, so how would they know? (I'd never smash my M7 or M8 for this) Posted with an HTC One M8 via Android Central App
  • I would smash my M8 and then file an insurance claim.
  • In that case, people who would actually do that must be out of their mind.
    It's like you are betting 300 quids on Oldham and if they happen to beat somehow Man utd you take the 50 home. :)
    OK I get it - exclusivity would be greater inventive here because who knows when they will become available for masses. VZW Moto X
  • And only three days after Earth day too, for shame. Seeing you reference football-soccerball-ball and quids when your sig says "VZW Moro X" makes my brain hurt. Out of interest, Ex-pat or American Anglophile? Posted via Android Central App
  • One of my grands was from there, favorite player Cantona and my all time favorite TV show is "Only for Fools and Horses" :)
    Sorry, if I caused some health problems - definitely not intentional.
    VZW Moto X
  • I would be more than happy to smash my GNex for one of these were it available for use on Verizon. Changing carriers is not an option. But in the mean time, I will live vicariously through the reviews and comments.
  • No. Are they on Crack?
  • More like they're overestimating how much people want this phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • How about a Lumia 920? I'd crush it for this thing. AC App via Nexus 5
  • Try crushing it first, you might fail at your first attempt. That SOB is one tough device. :-)
  • Umm, no. I'm sure there are folks willing to smash whatever, but I think I'll pass.
  • Sorry, but my nexus 5 will still be just as good as this phone for a little longer. Maybe my old evo that I had when I was on Sprint. Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App
  • I don't know how I feel about this. I'd certainly give up my phone (Nexus 4) if it meant getting a One+ One for $1. But doesn't this encourage needless and senseless waste? 1-2 year old phones are still in high demand in many parts of the world. Why destroy something just for a media splash?
  • Completely agree with you. No need to encourage environmentally unfriendly actions.
  • Um I wouldn't do that it is wasteful. But even if I considered it, I would need a new phone before I smashed my current one. Wouldn't want to wait for it in the mail. ಠ益ಠ
  • The url is not correct, its not .com but .net... (I'm ending up on which seems to be a recycling company)
  • I may smash my 5s just b.c I love to try out new devices. With an invite only system, I truly see this as one of the few ways to secure a phone. I hate to say it, but I do have applecare+, and I would venture to say that many people opting in would be in a similar situation. I may get hate for posting that, but it is reality. Anyone who smashes an iphone probably has coverage. They should make you give them your phone.
  • Gimme any HTC...I'll smash the living piss out of it for need to pay me anything!!
  • I've still got an HTC Droid Eris in a drawer somewhere. Will that work?
  • Ha. Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.
  • They can take my S2 or BB Curve 8520 in Smithereens ! :O
  • If I was definitely on the list to get a OnePlus for $1, I'd happily smash my Note 3. Posted via Android Central App
  • Or you could sell your Note for $400+, buy a 64 GB OnePlus, and have $50+ in your pocket. I mean, if you have a phone that isn't worth The $299 or $350 to get a OnePlus One (like a Moto X), sure, sign up for this promotion. But a Note 3? You'd be leaving money on the table.
  • You would be a moron to smash not only the note 3 but the best Android phone since the Nexus 1, the Moto X.
  • I used to have a Moto X, and I agree that it is a great phone. However, if someone were going to switch from a Moto X to the OnePlus One, smashing it would be way more understandable than smashing a Note 3. Note 3's sell for $400+ regularly. Selling a Moto X on the other hand would likely not even cover the cost of a 16 GB OnePlus One.
  • Yeah but you have to remeber its only 100 people getting it for a dollar...
  • I can't wait to smash my MOTO X for this tablet!
  • No thanks, I'll keep my note 3 and wait for the 4th!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Think I have a Nokia 3310 in my man drawer. Only problem smashing that bad boy is I may need a sledgehammer Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry, I use Nokias. They can't be smashed and I won't be hold responsible for a cataclysm for trying.
  • +1
    Correcting people" :) VZW Moto X
  • Steal friends iPhone
    Smash it
    Buy Oneplus for $1
    Resell it
    Profit Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra
  • Steal friends iPhone
    Resell it
    Buy Oneplus One for less than you sold the iPhone for
    Profit There, fixed it for you.
  • I'll smash this LG feature phone if they want. Don't even have to give me a new phone in exchange!
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Wouldn't it suck to smash your phone and not get picked for this? Anyone who risks this has balls (but not the good kind). Posted via Android Central App
  • I think they will select the 100 people, give them a time frame to smash their phone, and then cash in. I cannot imagine anyone smashing a phone with the hope of being selected.
  • Ah, I see. That doesn't sound too awful unless you can still get more out of your current phone than the OnePlus costs. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think you have to take more into consideration that just cost. How much is an invite worth to you? How long before these are readily available? For example, I may smash my 5s if these are hard to get for the next 6-8 months. It is worth a few hundred IMO to get it first.
  • I have a one X plus with 4.2.2 ;)
  • Just got a new One M8. No way I'm smashing this thing!
  • Sure I would smash my Lumia 520 any day for this.
  • I have an OG Galaxy Nexus. Will not be smashing it. I do have a couple of old Blackberry phones though.....
  • Dumbest most pretentious ad campaign ever. Why not donate these phones to a local charity instead? They have a charity that donates phones to the troops overseas too... Seems like smashing up phones is an uppity first world problem type of move.
  • Yeah, but complaining about what other people do with their stuff sounds kinda uppity first world too Posted via Android Central App
  • And if third world poor people can't afford the used smartphone, surely they can't afford data costs either Posted via Android Central App
  • I would smash my custom Moto X for this but only if I was guaranteed to get my replacement pretty quickly.
  • As always with the Oneplus, there is mass confusion to how this works haha.
  • Nah.. I kinda like my Nexus 5..
  • What if I offer to smash a Windows Mobile device?
  • I'll smash my Galaxy S3 in a heartbeat for this. I've wanted to do it many times anyway, especially since I've got a Moto X now.
  • I'll smash my Nexus 5 to give this thing a shot.
  • I'm almost as excited over this phone as I was over the NEXUS 5 release. I'm really hoping that between one plus, Motorola and Nexus, that the industry is shaken up.
    Sorry, there is no way that I'd destroy my Nexus 5 for this phone (I love that one too much) but I'd gladly get creative smahing an HTC Rezound to get in on this promotion.
  • You might want to wait until there are some hands on reviews of this thing. It looks great on paper, but you never know. Posted via Android Central App
  • not really reviews, but there are hands on videos on youtube.
  • No way I'd smash my current smartphone. The OnePlus One sounds like a nice device, but I'm not going through any trouble to get it (that goes for all phone manufacturers, actually). Posted via AC App on HTC One
  • Smash my Moto X for that?! Um no thanks Posted via Android Central App
  • Okay 1st. .. I would need to mess around with it for a day and them I'll figure out if it is worth destroying my galaxy s4. 2nd. I would want my phone properly recycled because earth day happened what... 3 days ago? 3rd I would want the phone to be delivered to me before I send mine out. Meet those qualifications... them you can talk Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it U.S only? Posted via Android Central App
  • I might smash my extremely outdated Pantech Renue. Anyone know if it needs to be a smartphone? Guess they'll send me an email when the contest starts.
  • I'd buy a Moto G and smash the hell out of it! Save $100 and get a much better phone? You better believe it!
  • Sure I'll smash my Motorola Atrix that I use daily. In fact, as a bus driver, I'll drive over it with a double-decker bus!!!
  • Do it! I'll smash my S3 or Nexus 5! :P I'd even fix the screen on my Nexus 4 to break it for this lovely phone.
  • You know what, I'm not smashing my phone for this. The oneplus one is too freakin cheap for me to smash my phone... I could probably sell my phone to a friend in the condition it's in and get enough money that way. Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't understand what one plus one is up to here.. Why not just sell your device like every other company on earth? Why can't I pre-order and pay you? now I have to jump hoops and play stupid games just to give you my money.. Seems like a nice device but I'll pass. Posted via Android Central App
  • So do you smash your phone before or after they choose the 100? Do you smash it and then you have a chance to be the one of the 100 or do you smash it if you get chosen as one of the 100? Very confused. Posted via Android Central App
  • You don't smash unless you are picked. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yea I'll smash my phone! Send me an invite! I have an HTC One. Had it for a few years now. Time for a new one. Give me details!
  • I want that phone bad!!!!!:) invite me I'll smash my Razr HD:):):):)!!!!!
  • I have a galaxy nexus and a HTC thunderbolt that I will smash (chop up) with a lawn mower...I'd love to win a one+ one.... BlueFox