OnePlus rolls out new 'Scout' unified search feature for users in India

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new unified search feature called OnePlus Scout is now rolling out to users in India.
  • OnePlus Scout lets users search for apps, files, music, contacts, and more from a unified search bar.
  • There is no word yet on whether the feature will be made available in markets outside India.

OnePlus has quietly added a new feature called "OnePlus Scout" to users in India with the latest update for the OxygenOS launcher app. The feature, which was first revealed in an APK teardown performed by the folks at XDA Developers in June, allows users to quickly look for anything on their phones from a unified search bar.

Oneplus Scout

Source: OnePlus (Image credit: Source: OnePlus)

You can use OnePlus Scout to find apps, files, music, contacts, and more. Additionally, you will also be able to search for locations, restaurants, and nearby places. The unified search feature is currently rolling out to users in India with v4.7.2_200818175549 of the OnePlus Launcher app. To get started, simply update the OnePlus launcher app on your device to the latest version and grant all the required permissions to OnePlus Scout. You can also customize your results preferences, control permissions, and enable search tips by heading over to OnePlus Scout settings.

While the APK teardown had suggested the feature will let users search through messages as well, the feature has sadly not made it to the final version. It remains to be seen if the ability to search through messages will be added in a future update. OnePlus has also not clarified if the feature is meant exclusively for Indian users or if it plans to roll out OnePlus Scout in other regions too.

Babu Mohan
News Writer