OnePlus quietly installs new OnePlus Buds app on existing phones, and users aren't happy

OnePlus Buds
OnePlus Buds (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus just rolled out a new OnePlus Buds app for its eponymous earbuds.
  • It's installable on OnePlus devices only.
  • The app is being hit by 1-star reviews over its "forced" installation.

Just like with the Galaxy Wearable app (opens in new tab) and the Pixel Buds app, OnePlus is rolling out its own dedicated app for the OnePlus true wireless buds. You'll be able to update the firmware and adjust the app from this new OnePlus Buds app, (opens in new tab) though the company notes that it's only installable on OnePlus phones.

Not everyone is happy with that addition, OnePlus is getting a lot of flack from users in the reviews, blasting them from taking away control and forcing an app they didn't consent to on their phone. For what it's worth, Google did the same thing earlier in the year with the Pixel Buds app, and users responded the same way.

To quote myself from back then:

Ultimately, it doesn't seem to be too big a deal all things considered, but it's a bit of a Songs of Innocence situation from Google. Users just want control, and they aren't fans of it being wrested from them for what appears to be product pushing.

OnePlus's most vocal customers are already upset about Facebook bloatware and the OneUI like change to the phone's interface, so they're less likely to be charitable towards the company.

As for the OnePlus Buds themselves. they are fairly decent true wireless earbuds for just $80. They have good battery life and call quality but they lack ANC and pretty much look like Airpods at a glance.

  • Two stupid decisions in just one app, efficient!
  • I fail to see the big deal. Google Play Services auto uploads/updates it's core products whether you like it or not. It's adding extra services to the phone. This is not the same as forcing Facebook as a system app (which I think most would agree wasn't cool).
  • It's adding a bloatware app to a device that many people specifically buy for its lack of bloatware. And comparing it to play services is a total false equivalency.
  • Hey OnePlus! How about fixing the " no dual sim support at this time, will be fixed in a future realease,
    ...". This has been the case since May and several updates later you have yet to fix it. Referring specifically to supporting dual sim ( like you advertised) on your website for the unlocked USA model.
  • I bet Apple could force install the FOX app on all iOS devices, and people would just accept that with no ********.
  • Now its starting to feel like Samsung!