OnePlus is hosting a robot snowball fight to showcase 5G's 'true potential'

Snowbot Battle
Snowbot Battle (Image credit: OnePlus)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus will be hosting the first-ever global robot snowball fight next week.
  • The company has built snowball-firing robots called "Snowbots" for the game, powered by OnePlus 5G smartphones.
  • OnePlus says the games will begin on March 9 and run 24 hours a day until March 12.

OnePlus has announced that it will be holding the first-ever interactive snowball fight in Finland from March 9. According to OnePlus, the event will allow users from across the globe to "experience the speed of 5G."

The company has created custom snowball-firing robots for the upcoming games, called "Snowbots." These Snowbots are powered by OnePlus 5G phones and can fire snowballs at 120 miles per hour. To play the game, you will need to visit the dedicated OnePlus Snowbots website on a mobile device and then sign in using a OnePlus account. There will be a queue system in place, so you will have to keep your phone near you and jump right in when it's your turn.

The game will have four Snowbots, two of them on each team. When you play the game, you will be in control of one of the Snowbots and need to fire snowballs at the other Snowbots while avoiding getting hit by them. To win the game, you must hit your opponent more times than they hit you. Each game will last a few minutes, and you will only have a total of eight snowballs.

The battles will start on March 9 at 2 PM Finnish time (7 AM ET) and run 24 hours a day until midnight March 12. In case you are unable to play, you can watch the Snowbot battle live on YouTube.

Babu Mohan
News Writer