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OnePlus brings its custom OnePlus Launcher to Google Play

The lightly customized and well-liked OnePlus Launcher (opens in new tab), which received some nice visual changes with the OnePlus 5 release, has been brought over to Google Play. But the listing is there not to open it up to every phone, but to speed up the process of updating the app outside of a full system update on OnePlus phones.

Along with the newly-public OnePlus Weather (opens in new tab), the OnePlus Launcher lets the company add features to its popular Android home screen without having to wait for firmware updates which, though relatively frequent for the OnePlus 5, are still reserved for bigger feature refreshes.

The first public release doesn't claim to offer any new features beyond performance improvements and bug fixes, but we'd be surprised if it didn't add a few niceties in the coming weeks.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • I take it this is only for Oneplus 5 not all Oneplus phones? I checked on my Oneplus 3T and couldn't find it.
  • correct. looking at apkmirror, the onepluse 3/3t have a different version of the launcher
  • Only to speed up One+5 app updates... something us Nexus device owners experience from Google. I lke it, though I wish the apps worked on other platforms. Nothing to see here...
  • I have got the update and is Good for one plus one.
  • Not sure why it's in the play store if only compatible with the 5+.
  • Yeah, lame!
  • It's for faster updates
  • Man I was hoping this meant it was for all Android phones :(
  • If only all Android device manufacturers and Google would update like this. They'd take out the middlemen that the service providers have become in gumming up the works of upgrading. I mean really, it's at the point if you want to update your device most folks either just don't or they buy a new device. I was talking with some friends whom also have 'droids and we all agreed a while ago that it'd be much easier if you could just go to the Play Store when your manufacturer or Google released an update, it'd check for compatibility lest someone try to upgrade their entry-level device to flagship-level specs and then if found compatible it would install and you'd be upgraded with new OS... But they'd rather us spend the money and buy a new device every few years as it helps the company coffers instead...