Deal: OnePlus 5 now comes with free Bullets V2 earphones for a limited time

Despite its overhyped camera and familiar design, the OnePlus 5 is still one of the best values in smartphones right now. As if the device didn't already offer enough bang for your buck, OnePlus is now bundling a free pair of its Bullets V2 earphones with the purchase of its latest flagship killer.

The OnePlus Bullets V2 aren't the greatest earphones ever made, but even at their regular price of $19.95, they follow the OnePlus 5's theme of offering a lot of value for the money you spend. OnePlus partnered with German audio company LOFO when designing the Bullets V2, and as such, the Bullets V2 offer professional tuning to kick out deep bass, pleasing treble, and a smooth midrange for all of your tunes.

Add this together with a super lightweight design at just 2-grams, anti-allergy silicon tips, inline audio controls, flat tangle-free cord, and a sleek design for earbuds themselves, and you're looking at a pretty awesome freebie.

You can get the Bullets V2 for free between now and Saturday, September 30, and if you want to take advantage of this deal, you'll need to order the 8GB RAM/128GB storage OnePlus 5 variant for $539.

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  • Any news on whether or not a newer model of the OnePlus 5 will come out with the screen orientated in the correct direction?
  • Unless they change the dual camera system
  • I'm wondering if there will be a OnePlus 5T this year..
  • I'd like to reach out to Android central about my experience ordering from one plus. I placed my order on the 25th when the promotion started. I ordered the 128gb/8gb version in slate grey. Once the order was complete I contacted one plus to verify that I would indeed be getting free bulletsv earbuds. They said no I wouldn't, when asked why they said that promotion doesn't apply to "mobile orders" and I would have had to gone to the desktop site and clicked the promo banner! When I asked if they could include them in the order they simply said no once an order has been placed it cannot be changed. Also I paid for priority shipping, yet it takes 7 days to process? Like come-on OnePlus, if I wanted to wait that long I wouldn't have paid extra for priority shipping. Anyways i hope this helps anyone looking to get these free earbuds, DONT ORDER FROM THE MOBILE SITE! You won't get them if you do.
  • That's such BS....but I guess next just tap the " request desktop site" within chrome