OnePlus 5 4.5.7 update adds new font, 4K video stabilization and more

Following on from the recent emergency calling hotfix, OnePlus has today released a meaty OTA for the OnePlus 5 that squishes some bugs, enhances security, and adds a couple of neat new features.

OxygenOS version 4.5.7 brings with it the July 1, 2017 Android security patches, along with Wi-Fi connectivity and standby battery life improvements — two areas where some OnePlus 5 owners have been experiencing issues to date. Other bug fixes include preventing sound leaks through the speakers when headphones are connected, as well as shutter sound glitches in silent mode (in India), and a fix for missing sound channels in video.

This update also sees OnePlus introduce a new font, dubbed "Slate." Slate — which visually, appears somewhere between Google's Roboto and the old Droid Sans — doesn't replace the default font, but is available as an option under Settings > Font. The new firmware also enables electronic image stabilization (EIS) when shooting at 4K resolution, addressing one frequent feature request for the phone.

As always, OnePlus will deliver this new firmware via a staged rollout. If you're not seeing the update on your phone just yet, the usual (and somewhat convoluted) trick of using a VPN app to connect via Canada should let you skip the queue.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • I like how OnePlus is pushing these updates quickly
  • i cannot understand why they can't resolve all in 2-3 updates.But appreciate
  • You want to wait longer for bug fixes, eh?
  • Hmmm 4k video stabilization was a factor holding me back from a OnePlus 5. Now the jelly effect only thing that has me on fence if that's something I can tolerate or not. Probably just gonna have to buy it to try it, and return it if it's too crazy to deal with.
  • It's apparently not noticable unless you're really looking for it for some people. Id agree and say try it out and if it's annoying then just return it.
  • That was one thing I was disappointed about, coming from a Pixel. Regarding the jelly effect, I've never noticed it on my OnePlus 5... and I REALLY noticed it in videos of people showing it. I guess it's possible it's only affecting some devices?
  • So did they just completely abandon the 3/3T like they did the 1+2?
  • They pretty much did unless you go beta
  • I'd say that's too early to call, but it doesn't look great...
  • These are the same kinds of roll out bug fixes that the 3 and 3T received at release. The open beta is proof there is still active development being done for the 3 and 3T. OP has not abandoned either phone.
  • they didnt abandon the 3/3t...the stable updates are about every 2 months.....but beta is the way to go
  • I love their attention to customer satisfaction
  • Yeah, unless you want me customization of the alert slider. They are very picky choosy about what they listen to.
  • Why do I have only two fonts to select from? Roboto and OnePlus Slate.