OnePlus 2 set to go on sale at the OnePlus store in China on August 8

The OnePlus 2 is set to be announced later today, but reports are coming out of China detailing the possibility that the new smartphone will be made available at the Beijing OnePlus experience store from as early as August 8. The store offers a unique experience for those interested in OnePlus products, with not only mobile phones available for purchase, but accessories and more.

OnePlus is looking to utilize the same invitation system the company used for the OnePlus One, which while caused issues for those who actually wanted to purchase the phone, did play a part in building hype and making it a desperate struggle to grab an invite from any source available.

OnePlus 2

Should you require a brief reminder as to what we expect to see announced, we've got you covered. Are you prepared for tonight's announcement? Be sure that you have the launch event app installed on your smartphone. We'll hopefully have more details on availability before the night ends.

Source: Mobipicker, via: Phone Arena

Rich Edmonds