One UI 4 (Android 12) beta arrives for U.S. Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3 models

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Flip 3 Open
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Flip 3 Open (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Update, Oct 29 (1:45 p.m. ET): Rollout begins in some regions

Update, Nov 1 (4:30 p.m. ET): U.S. models reportedly eligible

What you need to know

  • Samsung is preparing to launch the One UI 4 beta for its foldable smartphones.
  • The beta will allow Samsung to try out its new software on a new form factor before the stable release.
  • Samsung is expected to launch the stable One UI 4 update before the end of the year.

Owners of Samsung foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can rejoice, as they'll soon have a chance to try out the One UI 4 beta.

The announcement comes from a Samsung community manager, (via SammyFans), who says the "One UI beta program for Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 will start soon, so please be patient."

Not much information is provided about the program, including when it'll kick-off. Given the announcement, it should be any moment now.

Samsung has taken to the virtual stage on Tuesday to discuss its plans for foldable phones, highlighting ways that developers can take advantage of the experiences that they will offer, such as Flex Mode and Multi-Active Window. The company is expected to double down on these efforts thanks to Android 12, but we should know more as the beta rolls out.

When it goes live for these devices, users will have the ability to enroll and install the update using the Samsung Members app, so be on the lookout.

The timing comes just after the third One UI 4 beta arrived on Galaxy S21 devices in eligible regions. So far, it seems this beta program is only taking place in South Korea, although it seems likely to arrive in other regions as well.

The first One UI 4 beta didn't impress very much, but there have since been a few updates, with the latest one based on Google's final Android 12 AOSP, signaling a final launch soon.

Samsung is also expected to launch the stable version of One UI 4 before the end of the year, so owners of some of the company's best Android phones should not have to wait much longer before they get to play with the new update.

Update, Nov 1 (4:30 p.m. ET) ― One UI 4 beta rolling out in the U.S.

Following the release in S. Korea and India, the One UI 4 beta appears to be available for Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 owners in the U.S.

A tweet from SamsungRydah (via SamMobile) notes that a banner may not be present for some users, in which case, you can visit the Benefits tab and you should be able to enroll in the beta there.

Update, Oct 29 (1:45 p.m. ET) ― Beta rollout begins in S. Korea

Users have begun reporting that the One UI 4 beta is now available for their Galaxy foldables. This comes just days after Samsung made the announcement that it was extending its beta to the devices.

XDA-Developers notes that the beta appears to be available in South Korea and India, however, it wouldn't be surprising if it starts arriving for users in other regions such as the U.S.

A community moderator notes that the Thom Browne edition is currently not eligible for the beta, although that may change.

The update includes several changes introduced in later betas such as the new color theme, new privacy features, and more. To enroll your device, you'll have to visit the Samsung Members app and click on the associate banner. However, be wary that the beta may have some bugs.

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