The One Card Any Serious Phone Nerd Should Carry

Galaxy S8 with SIM cards
Galaxy S8 with SIM cards (Image credit: Android Central)

Relying on your phone to do everything you need it to takes some forethought. If you're downloading a lot of apps, creating documents, or storing data on your phone, you've probably invested in multiple microSD cards to expand your storage. If you travel frequently, for work or pleasure, you may have multiple SIM cards to use in different parts of the world. All these small components are hard to keep track of and losing any of them can seriously hinder your ability to get stuff done. How do you make sure that doesn't happen?

SIMCases Slim SIM Card holder case

The SIMCases Slim SIM Card holder case is the ultimate accessory for any serious phone nerd. This credit card-sized accessory will help you keep track of those small cards and tools you carry around to utilize your phone everywhere you go.

With room for up to four Nano SIM cards, you'll never need to worry about not having to lose the SIM card you need when you travel. Do you switch between various devices a lot? That's no problem! The SIMCases Slim SIM Card holder case also comes with one micro SIM adapter and two standard size SIM adapters, so you'll be able to put your nano SIM cards into any device you come across. Plus, it also comes with a SIM card removal tool, so you can stop looking around for the nearest paperclip every time you need to swap SIM cards.

The SIMCases Slim SIM Card holder is extremely useful for people who carry around extra storage for their phones. The case itself can hold up to two microSD cards at one time and even comes with a USB reader, allowing you to plug your microSD cards into a computer whenever you want to transfer files.

For only $10, you'll never have to worry about losing those small, pesky cards and tools again. You can slip the SIMCases Slim SIM Card holder into your wallet and carry everything you need with you at all times.

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Luke Filipowicz