Google has posted an "official" Nexus Player video on YouTube. It shows off the circular design, gives us a glance at voice search via the remote, and even reminds us of the quad-core Intel Silvermont CPU. Not a list of things we don't already know, but it's well done and something every Android fan will want to see. Click it above and have a look.

And when it's done, notice the first link in the grid of related videos. Seeing the Nexus Q video again is little heartbreaking, especially if you fast-forward to 1:47. That's where you see the white Nexus Q.


It's great that Google decided to revamp a few ideas and bring us Android TV on the Nexus Player. But about 5,000 of us out there know what it was like to love the Nexus Q. I know at least one of that group really wishes he had a chance to buy the retail version in white. He has his Nexus Q up to date. He has the Nexus Q app still installed on his phones. What he doesn't have is any hope.

Oh well, I'll have a new Nexus Player to help ease my pain next month.