Official Formspring for Android application available now

If you're one of the more than 28 million users of Formspring, you'll notice that there has been a lack of an official application from the social network. That all changes now as the official Formspring for Android application is available right now in the Android Market. 

It offers a pretty full experience, allowing you to ask and respond to questions from your contacts on the go. Sharing photos is also built in, and that pretty much covers everything Formspring is about. If there's room for one more social network on your Android device, hit the download links after the break. A word of warning though, it force closes at every time of asking on the Galaxy Nexus so you'll have to wait for an update to join in if you're using one.

  • Poopadoodle do
  • There isn't room for one more social network in my head let alone my device....
  • Then why did you read the article and then take the time to comment on something that is apparently useless to you? Obvious troll is obvious. Every comment I've ever seen from you is negative and unhelpful.
  • I remember using Formspring. Then I got a life.
  • Made a review of this app for my blog. It's a great app for an initial release, really :) Made me sign up for Formspring lol.