NVIDIA Shield up for pre-order ahead of schedule

"Growing buzz" moves up pre-order date for gaming handheld

NVIDIA has announced that it's moved up the pre-order date for its Shield handheld gaming device, due to "growing buzz" from partners in recent days. That means you can now pre-order NVIDIA Shield right now, either directly from NVIDIA or through one of its retailer partners -- Newegg, Gamestop or Canada Computers. Pre-orders are live three days ahead of the planned May 20 date.

As was announced a few days back, Shield sells for $349.99, and devices pre-ordered today should be arriving "by the end of June." Alongside the console itself, NVIDIA's also offering pre-orders on the carrying case, which costs $39.99, and carbon fiber and glossy black replacement lids, which go for $19.99 each.

NVIDIA Shield has changed a bit since we first saw it under the "Project Shield" moniker at CES back in January. Check out all our recent Shield coverage, including our hands-on preview, to see what's new.

We've got pre-order links after the break.

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