Nreal Light AR Glasses go on sale later this month in South Korea

Nreal Light Nebula
Nreal Light Nebula (Image credit: Nreal)

What you need to know

  • The LG Uplus network is bundling Galaxy Note 20's with Nreal Light AR Glasses in a special package.
  • This package will be available at LG Uplus retail stores and online in South Korea on August 21.
  • The package includes a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet phone, Nreal Light AR glasses, corrective lens frames, magnetic nose pads, and a VR cover.

The wait for a truly amazing pair of AR glasses is almost over, as the launch of Nreal Light AR Glasses is just on the horizon. Folks in South Korea will be able to get their own pair of Nreal Light AR Glasses as soon as August 21, both on Nreal's website and at LG Uplus retail stores throughout the country. That's because Nreal Light is making its debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and will be available through a subsidized package on the LG Uplus 5G network. That package will include the full Nreal Light kit, a choice of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet, and a 5G data package for the LG Uplus network.

The package doesn't just include a phone and a pair of glasses, though. Inside, you'll find several accessories alongside the glasses, including corrective lens frames for fitting your existing prescription glasses into, magnetically attachable nose pads, and even a VR cover. This VR cover completely covers the lenses and turns the Nreal Light shades into a proper virtual reality kit, good for gaming and movie-watching. The Note 20, in conjunction with the LG Uplus's 5G network, should provide all the power and connectivity that users need to get great experiences with Nreal Light AR glasses.

This package marks one of the first big ways that consumers can easily dive into true AR experiences and will launch with support for hundreds of popular apps through the Nreal Nebula interface, including Google Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Kakao Talk, and plenty more. The Nebula user interface creates a virtual "desktop" that can be used to run multiple apps and experiences at one time, giving users the ability to have all their favorite apps open in a virtual space. That makes multitasking between apps and games as easy as if they were really floating right in front of you. In addition to these apps, LG Uplus will be launching its own exclusive set of AR and VR apps this year called U+AR and U+VR.

As we saw back in January, Nreal Light is the first set of Mixed Reality glasses actually worth buying. That's not just because of the design, which is lightweight and comfortable, but because of the capability and the excellent software that Nreal has put together. Being paired with your phone also makes these glasses a seamless transition into the world of AR, so it doesn't feel like you're using lots of separate devices. Nreal Light retails for 699,000 KRW (USD 586) separately, which is about half the price of the development kit that went on sale back in May.

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