Notti and Dotti light up a room with notifications and music

Notti is a portable LED smart light that can be used to display notifications from your phone. Through the Notti app, you can select color and notification preferences. You can also choose how the light will respond to music.

Dotti is inspired by pixel art, and is made up of a grid of lights. As with Notti, you can use Dotti to alert you to notifications on your phone. When a notification comes in, the light will display the icon corresponding to the notification. Dotti can also function as a clock, and has its own music visualizer mode.

Both Notti and Dotti feature built-in rechargeable batteries. WITTI says the battery will last five hours with continuous use, or up to 30 days on standby. Notti is available for $59.99, while Dotti costs $79.99. Both lights are available for purchase from WITTI now. You can get their apps for free from the Google Play Store at the links below.

Press release:

Technology Meets Art with Notti & Dotti – Smart Lights Now Shipping Worldwide

LOS ANGELES – March 24, 2015 – Designed to add simplicity to everyday life, WITTI's smart lights are now available. Unlike traditional smart lights that simply set the mood, Notti and Dotti not only enhance ambiance but also inform users of incoming calls, texts, social media updates, emails, appointments and much more.

"With introduction of Notti and Dotti, our goal was to create unique smart solutions that combine mood lighting, design, and notifications into a minimal package with fine detailing," said WITTI CEO, Alfred Wong. "Using smart design and unique shapes, we were able to develop products that become as much sculptural as functional."

Notti is a portable, simple to use LED light that is designed fit anywhere in the home or office, and looks elegant when turned on or off. Notti will also display customized smartphone notifications from a diverse catalogue of 16 million vibrant colors. Simply select a color to associate with each notification via free app and pair to smartphone through Bluetooth Smart BLE technology.

Nott's mood light can quickly set the scene and in music mode the light will dance to rhythm of your favorite songs. Notti's alarm mode is the perfect solution for users who prefer to be woken up through gradual lighting. Enter your desired wake up time and Notti's LEDs will slowly brighten to help you feel rested and rejuvenated as you start your day. Click here to see Notti in action.

Dotti is a fun app-controlled pixel art light that delivers visual smartphone notifications and social media updates. Rocking an 8-bit look, DOTTI easily displays your favorite icon, showcases space invader animation, functions as a clock, and will display a corresponding app icons like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp as you receive alerts. In Dotti's music mode, the pixel light visualizer will change colors to the groove of each song with various lighting effects. Click here to see Dotti in action.

Thanks to Notti and Dotti's built-in rechargeable battery, the smart lights function independently of any plugs, wires or sockets and easily travel from room to room and can receive notifications from up to 50 feet away. Each device will hold a charge for 720 hours on standby or 5 hours of continuous display.

Design is a huge aspect of everything WITTI does and works with artists to create unique products with a subtle presence. Each product is inspired by geometric shapes, with a stylish design that is simple to use, WITTI calls this "POLYGONIC." Design also played a huge role in the development of Notti's packaging as the outer box can easily be reconfigured into a fashionable stand for any mobile device.

WITTI's app-controlled smart lights, Nott and Dotti, are now available for Android and iOS for $59.99 and $79.99 respectively from

Joseph Keller