Notion Ink Adam's ICS build hits beta, downloadable now

It is just over a month since Notion Ink set loose their alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Adam. Today that build gets bumped up to beta and as before has been posted to the Internet for anyone willing to try it out.

As before, this is nowhere close to a finished product so expect bugs galore. There are still a number of fixes to bugs found in the initial alpha build. 3G, Youtube HD, the sleep issue, graphics acceleration, Wi-Fi and USB issues all get fixes and improvements.

What we still don't have working includes a list of key items such as the camera, microphone, light sensor, compass and disabling notifications.

It's Ice Cream Sandwich though, and seeing any manufacturer actively trying to push the software to their devices is a good thing. Hit the source links below for more information and full install instructions. There's also a nice little selection of images showing where they're at so far for anyone interested. 

Source: Notion Ink

More: Images of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Notion Ink Adam

Richard Devine