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This is the safe Galaxy Note 7's new green battery icon

Here it is, folks. As promised, after receiving a new Galaxy Note 7 yesterday — with a battery from a different supplier — Samsung is rolling out an update to all Note 7s, pre- and post-recall, separating the haves from the have-nots.

Specifically, my Note 7, the one with the new, safer battery, has a green battery indicator in place of the traditional white, which Google has forced on all manufacturers since Android 4.4 KitKat. Ironically, before then, all Samsung phones shipped with green battery icons.

Samsung received special dispensation for the change from Google itself due to extraordinary circumstances.

Not only is the battery indicator now green, but the Note 7 has a handy green battery gauge in the Restart menu, which is accessed by holding down the power button at any time. This is another, more explicit way of Samsung notifying its users, and the public, that this new batch of Note 7s is different from the recalled one, with a battery certified from a different supplier.

If you are running any Note 7, new or old, your phone should be getting the update starting today in both the U.S. and Canada (we verified this on Verizon and Rogers units). The update blurb succinctly sums things up for us:

For new devices, the battery icon is green after the update. If the battery icon is white after the update, information on the safety recall will be provided.

The update is about 50MB, and shouldn't take too long to install. It doesn't affect the security patch level, nor does it add anything else to the operating system; this is strictly to make recalled phones less operable, and new phones more apparent.

More: Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 7 recall

When compared to the Galaxy S7 edge, you can see the difference in the battery icon is very subtle, though purists accustomed to the uniform aesthetic of all Android notification shades will balk at the change.

And while it's unlikely future Galaxy devices will have a green battery icon, it may be a good idea to keep the larger gauge in the Restart menu, since it's a pretty useful addition on its own.

So what happens if you are holding on to a recalled Note 7 and receive this forced upgrade? You'll be warned whenever you start up or power down the device to turn it off, put it in a box, and bring it in for exchange.

There is no reason, especially now that there is ample stock of replacement Note 7s in the U.S. and Canada, to hold onto that device.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Another step forward. Well done Sammy. NOW just get some units to Best Buy so I can buy the damn thing for the first time. Would definitely spruce up my weekend.
  • Stop it! Go be "people" for a change! Lol, j/k
  • I exchanged mine at Best Buy. Not sure if they have one for sale. I am pretty sure you can buy them at a Verizon store.
  • I'm on AT&T but here is a question for you. If you buy a phone at Best Buy for one of the carriers is it still full of carrier bloat? The big question: Can you buy an unlocked phone and still take advantage of the installment plans? Oh and can you also get a unicorn ride while you are at it? :)
  • all carrier branded phones will be bloated. Even if you have paid it off in full. You'll only get the unlock code but the bloat will remain. Unless you purchase an official unlocked version from Samsung. But no word on unlocked models availability yet, that I am aware of. As for the unicorn ride, it's possible but not in 49 states.
  • I can confirm that buying a carrier phone at Best Buy still leaves you with the carrier bloatware. Can also confirm that it you buy unlocked, you are not eligible for the installment plan from a carrier. Don't know about the unicorn, but let me know when you find out.
  • Thanks for the info. Bummer about the unicorns.
  • Well I bought at BB but the 4 stores in my area none of them had N7 for VZ they only seem to have ATT and TMO.
    I went in to BB to turn in my device and they could not give me a day as to when they expect VZ N7, so I asked for a refund and 4hrs later!!! Went to a VZ store....
  • Some stores are selling you just have to call around and see
  • What? And be disappointed before I even leave the house? :P I'll just walk into Best Buy on Saturday and hope for the best. If they don't have them, I'll just buy a TV instead. Kidding. Your avatar needs to be larger :)
  • I thought they weren't going to be for sale for first time buyers until late October.
  • Well done Sammie? They released an exploding phone, they should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Well done on how they have handled it. Yes, because no company in the history of companies has ever done something similar to this. Takata ringing any bells? How about the Toyota acceleration issue that KILLED people. Tesla and autopilot? Modern world, modern risks. It sucks that this happened with Samsung on many levels but the company is making good on its mistake. A company should not be measured by its mistakes but how it handles those mistakes. "Your holding it wrong" is something to be ashamed of, not all the things Samsung is doing to make this right. I stand by my well done. And for the record I am a steadfast LG phone user. The only Samsung products I own are two very old TVs.
  • This is good. I was wondering how they were going to differentiate between the old and the new. I feel sorry for S7 Edge users that get confronted by un-educated staff who don't know the difference between the Note and the Edge, and only look for the green icon.
  • Unnecessary but whatever. I guess if it makes people feel better.
  • Trust me it'll make people feel much better . Us phone geeks know better but the casual buying public will want this . Hey I kinda like the green icon looks cool.
  • It will also appease security checkpoints who are banning the unsafe phones. Battery is green? Welcome aboard your flight! Not green? Problem...
  • Exactly, hmmmm didn't think this one thru
  • I am flying with my replaced Note 7. Hope they let me use it in flight.
  • Not really unnecessary at all, for example, the FAA ban will probably not last forever and this will be an easy and quick way for non-tech people to tell if the phone is one of the new units or an older, unsafe unit. Think less a few months from now and more a year from now, this is a good thing.
  • And how will they know which phones are Note 7's or are they now going to look for a green icon on any "Galaxy" phone? They will have to go into a menu to see what the actual phone model is if they really do that thorough of a check and they are never going to do that. The airline doesn't care what color your battery icon is and would not use something like that to determine whether you can bring your phone onto a plane.
  • "And how will they know which phones are Note 7's" Hmmm, looks at the back of my phone... yup, says Note 7. They make you take things out of your bags, why do you think they won't ask you to remove a case?
  • OMG! So hilarious, I love your reply....Some people shouldn't be on tech
    Just saying....*continues sipping green tea*
  • Hell. Made ME feel better after all this. Kinda disconcerting when you get a letter and text from the manufacturer telling you to power down your phone and take it in for a loaner. Up till then I had planned to keep it for until the replacements ran out, but ended up with an S7e for a bit....the green icon is my small reassurance that this is over when I got it back and I booted it to a white battery icon the first thing I asked was how sure was it that this was one of the new replacements...
  • Meh
  • How does the battery icon look with the colored status bar?
  • There is a white outline, so it doesn't fit super well but I get the impression you can still see the icon.
  • Good from Samsung again. They handled it very well so far.
  • My guess is Samsung went the extra mile with the update to lock the Note 7 down. Part of the plan to ID good devices is the green gauge. Samsung will not want any ability to change it with root.
  • In truth I think that the new update should lock any device prior to the replacement so that they can't use it at all and have to trade it in. When they take it in there's a security code that only the stores have so that they can access the phone to make sure that not only you are safe but everyone else as well.
  • That would cause a lawsuit left and right. These cellphones are most people's only way of communication. In an emergency you find out that your phone has been locked wouldn't be good for any party. In My line of work, the only way of communication is through our cellphones. Samsung cut battery capacity to 60% battery. Fully charged it still shows 100% but runs down much faster. Every time you charge it, it gives you a warning to power down the device and replace. IMO they did a great job approaching and executing this safely. I dont think any other manufacturers would have done this good of a job.
  • Can you show a screen grab of the green battery when the Play Store is open and the status bar is also green? Inquiring minds want to know...
  • Here you go..
  • Thx, but you have to scroll down the page for the status bar to turn green. Unless Samsung overrode the status bar color change somehow!
  • Updated the link...
  • That looks so much better than I thought it would. Thanks for posting it!
  • Your mind needs to have more faith in the color green
  • Here
  • A neat touch :
    if you long press the bottom right of the lock screen for 5 seconds while displaying the green icon to someone (airport security for example).... simulated smoke will emanate from the now white icon and the entire screen will suddenly go
    B O O M
    in red font, with suitable max audio accompaniment. You can explain this to Homeland, or the judge next day. -------
    (injuries from the N7 were small so far)
  • I feel nostalgic about this
  • Yep reminds me of the gs3 hah haha like it
  • Reminds me of Gingerbread and Samsung's refusal to aesthetically let It go for so long, probably never would have if not for Google force changing the design. They were stuck in their green little world and ugly icons.
  • ...weak
  • Yeah, I'm sure that this will clearly scream WON'T EXPLODE to people. Just like people keep seeming to think that my LG URBANE 2 is a Gear (WTF?), people will still be wary of exploding Note 7s until the Note 8 comes out.
  • Can someone with a green battery Note 7 please Samsung's Good Lock UI either from the Galaxy appstore or if it's not their from an apk online and post a screenshot showing the status bar? I would really like to know if the green battery icon gets overriden since Good Lock normally replaces the status bar with stock Android icons. Even if its still green I'm curious it looks like, thanks!
  • Looks like v24.0.12 will change it to white, but the newest version, v24.0.13 will keep it green.
  • *please install Samsung's Good Lock, sorry edit button on mobile wasn't working
  • "especially now that there is ample stock of replacement Note 7s in the U.S. and Canada" - Not for Sprint in Tulsa Ok. Every store says they have none in stock (one said they "SOLD" all of theirs). A call to Sprint resulted in being told to either go to a store (which don't have any) or they could order one and it would take 3 weeks to arrive. One Sprint rep even told me to swap my Note 7 for an iPhone! I'm a 15 year Sprint customer and a 12 year Samsung customer, but this is really making me rethink my loyalty!
  • Your main issue is sprint not samsung . All my friends on att have had no issues getting our replacement might be a good time to change carriers . For some reason sprint seems say out of sink . With the 0ther big three. I've been in there store just to look around and they seem so uninformed . My att and plenty of replacements
  • AT&T has horrible service near my home. Family members on AT&T have little to no service when they visit. Not bashing AT&T, just saying that their service is sub-par for my personal needs.
  • I hope you're safe in Tulsa from the riots. Does not look good for the officer.
  • There was not an ample supply. 500,000 units were delivered for 1 million replacements.
  • So much for living in the Sooner State.
  • I feel you johall15. I'm in the same boat. 12+ year Sprint customer & I cannot get a replacement. I am calling the store every day (as Sprint is making you return it to the store you received it from) and to date that store has received 5 Note 7s. They have exchanged or SOLD them before my call. Very frustrated with how Sprint handled this and I am almost ready to jump ship.
  • I know I've commented elsewhere but I HATE the look of this next to all the other white icons. I wish Samsung would have gone a different direction to differentiate safe Note7s from exploding ones.
  • In a week your won't even notice it.
  • I personally hardly ever even see it since I use Nova Launcher and I hide that whole bar. I do see it when I'm in other apps that show it but I don't even really notice it. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ stealth black Note 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • Hates a strong word fyi, especially pertaining to something so trivial such as this.
  • me too! im a huge stickler for design/consistency and i know it's stupid but it might be the final straw for why I might return my Note 7 on top of the few other annoyances I have had with the phone even though to date it's my favorite phone ever. at its pricepoint however, i shouldn't have to make compromises and I know having the green icon will ALWAYS bug me. try using Samsung's Good Lock version 24.0.12 which overrides the status bar with stock android icons (24.0.13 has been updated to keep green icon)
  • Now they need to send out an update to the bad phones so that icon is flame colored
  • There's a warning sent out every hour to the holdouts replacement are ready. Buuut you know how folks move on that kind of stuff. You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make him drink
  • Sprint is making me replace mine at the store I bought it from. They don't have any yet. This horse is at the watering hole where the ef is my water!!
  • I like it. Didn't this used to be the standard icon back in the day
  • Yes it did back with the old gs3
  • Gtfoh! U da man! I strive to be half the man u are
  • Who cares about this note nonsense!!!!......I wanna soda!!!
  • Signed up for an exchange through Samsung Canada a few weeks ago. My response email was that a new unit would be shipped to me as early as Sept 15th. Unfortunately I have no clue as to when an actual replacement will be sent to me. I'm seeing all the news regarding US and the UK but no actual time lines for Canada. Personally, I wasn't interested in taking a Sony loaner from Rogers for 4-6 weeks while I waited for a replacement.
  • Patients my friends samsung is working there ass off to get you your new replacement this whole thing isnt and wasn't going to be easy were talking a lot of phones here 1 million
  • Too small to be visible in a group situation.
    Optional large side bars when asleep, on the lock screen and home screen would be better for those who want to display them.
  • 50 MB for a Samsung update, that's the smallest I've ever seen. I didn't know it was possible to go under 200MB for them. /S Wouldn't it suck if these new batteries ended up having a problem too?
  • "Ample stock"...Not if you have T-mobile. For the second day in a row, calls to 5 local T-mobile stores resulted in no replacement note 7 for me. I may just hold on to this thing and exchange it for a V20 when they come out next month.
  • NOTICED THE TWO HOLES ON THE TOP are different from before and after Posted via the Android Central App
  • good...
    Thats because its not the same device.. there is note 7 and S7 edge :D
  • "There is no reason, especially now that there is ample stock of replacement Note 7s in the U.S. and Canada, to hold onto that device." Other than I'm being told I have to get it from the store I bought from, who hasn't received any yet...
  • It's well and good, but I wish people would stop saying there is "amble supply"... There isn't, and getting a replacement note 7 is like trying to find a lost contact in a pitch black room. NO ONE has replacements, and the stores that do, REFUSE to exchange for people. They would rather keep them locked up in the back so they have "stock to sell". Straight from the managers from THREE Sprint stores. Its ridiculous!
  • Man just based on all the sprint horror stories this might be the time to dump there asses and t-mobile is not much better. For all the Verizon and att hate there doing great with with there replacement program I'll have to admit
  • Then you you need to call samsung or cpss or who ever they are and tell them whey they're doing cause the supposed to be replacing them not selling to new customer.
  • I wonder if it should have made the old device's battery icon red.
  • That's actually not a bad idea if it could force the update in there.
  • I went in and got mines yesterday. The whole process took like 1.5 hours, because they have to call customer care and do all this other stuff. I originally bought mines online, and I returned it at the 1st T Mobile store that said they had it in Stock. For T Mobile, you can turn your phone into any T Mobile CORPORATE store, if you brought yours from T Mobile. I don't know about from other retailers. T Mobile Corporate stores will have them in Stock, for exchanges, not for new sales yet. Not the licensed stores, but the actual real T Mobile, corporate stores. I only had to call 2 stores, the 2nd 1 had them, and told me the 1st I called wasn't a corporate store. They are getting all the exchanges out the way 1st
  • Smart move Samsung
  • TMob is backordered on black notes with no ETA for arrival. I don't know why everyone keeps saying there are plenty.
  • So, are you saying they weren't back ordered on the other colors?
  • Got my replacement yesterday at the VW store. Glad to have the distinctive phone. Store ran out while I was there at 11 AM. Good job Samsung. This isn't easy!
  • Got my green battery unit yesterday! Went super smooth, even for a required visit to a Verizon store.
  • Just buy a apple logo sticker for you phone and you won't get hassled by anyone. Isn't that why Apple sued Samsung in the first place, cause they look very similar? Now, I'm gonna go back to playing with my "not-iPhone 7"
  • A piece of green cellophane tape and presto, safe note 7!
  • Ample stock?? Have you dealt with T-Mobile in the last 2 days?
  • Be warned people! Tmobil isn't letting people transfer their data between phones... In fact, you're not supposed to have the phone on in the store. No smart switch, nothing.. Make sure that you're using Samsung cloud and back up before you walk in... Tmobil isn't telling this to customers and its upsetting, they had to void my transaction because I haven't used Samsung cloud in a while, since smart switch its so awesome..
  • Wow t-mobile and sprint have lost all control my att visit was so casual and friendly. Just wow is all I can say about those two companies
  • But I thought that T-mobile was supposed to be the uncarrier lol. I knew John Legere was spewing BS. Never trust a CEO who looks like a crackhead. AT&T corporate stores are exchanging any AT&T branded Note 7 regardless where it was purchased from. Plus they are giving a $25 bill credit and refunding any screen protector that was purchased from an AT&T store. A few of my friends were in & out of the AT&T corporate store in 30 minutes.
  • Not true at all. I swapped mine out yesterday at T-mobile and they were more than willing to let me do the transfer while I stood there in the store. Process took forever as did the actual exchange, but it's done and I'm finally getting everything back to normal that the smart switch didn't take care of.
  • Download SmartSwitch for desktop. Backup old Note7. Go get replacement. If they won't let you do SmartSwitch on the spot, or do only part of it, take new phone and restore from SmartSwitch desktop. It's what I did, and it worked perfectly.
  • My visit to Verizon was great...It took about an hour to transfer my stuff but my new phone was loaded with every single thing my last phone was....It was a flawless transfer.. My new blue note was the same as my first one.
  • Hi. What was the best way for you to do this transfer? SmarttSwitch or Samsung Cloud Backup?
  • Smart switch is the way to go
  • I got the green on mine. I like the green better.
  • Just got mine from Best Buy an hour ago, process took 4 hours (AT&Ts fault). Phone seems lighter then old one. Green indicator battery indicator after a 3 minute update and good to go. Also got a $36 credit from AT&T for the hassle tonight. Glad this fiasco is over for me.
  • We should more concerned over this soft screen. This glass sucks. Gg5 sucks. I hate it. Aghhh. plastic cell phone screen, dummies!
  • Correct, unfortunately.
  • Just a quick heads up. If you bought the Zagg Invisible Shield for your 7 and registered it with them, they're sending out a replacement and waiving the normal $3.95 shipping fee if you let them know you were affected by the recall. They'll ask you to send the old shield back in the pre-paid envelope they send with the replacement. Just send their customer service an email through the contact us section on their site or call in. Love their customer service!
  • Is there any consensus on best screen protector? I just ordered the Yoontech wet apply. It seems to be the highest rated at Amazon.
  • Hey I will give you a good reason to hang on and not update my note 7. I am outside the US for the month of September. I am not doing business with a phone with runs on 1/2 battery. I will look for a Samsung company store while I am away. And try for a international version.
  • The "new" software for the "rereleased" Note 7 is VERY different from the original release. Original brought back multiple choices for opening items on device. The rereleased phone with the new green battery icon took that away. It is back to the OLD (S7 series, S6 series, Note 5) method of set default once forever (can be changed by digging thru settings to clear) but it's a step back. Another huge change is the clumping of multiple notifications from same source. Now there is a single line in the drop down with a down pointing arrow when there are more than one notification from same app/source. This should be a toggle. I HATE all of them grouped like that. But the return to the OLD way of setting default is what really bothers me.
  • Get your facts straight. The stock is NOT ample. I'm still waiting for Sprint to pull their heads out of their behinds, and send me the color I chose. I'm not required to accept a color that I don't want.
  • I still say they should have left our icon alone and updated the bad ones with a red icon and an X through it. ALL phones should have the battery status on the shut down menu (so bad ones = red X and good ones white). Frankly the people NOT doing the exchange are likely NOT the same people that would even understand or know how to stop the update. So I think most of them would wonder, "Hey, why do I have this red icon with an X through it?" And once they find the answer they would likely remedy the situation. And if not, well then they can't fly with it. As far as Edge folks being singled out...just show them the bottom of your phone. No S pen or place for one. Done.
  • I've had my replacement for 4 days abd I have yet to get an update. Battery icons are all still white.
  • You'll get it have friends who are still waiting for there's to
  • Sitting on a flight waiting to take off crew just told all poor slob note 7 owners to power down...what a disgrace Samsung is.
  • But but you don't own a note 7 soooo why do you care haha were not worried about it the least . You should do the same
  • Why? Cuz I don't want a Note 7 to nuke the plane.
  • Na I was thinking more on the lines that is outta your price range. haha. And your a lil bitter and sore about that
  • What's to stop people, who know how, to root the phone 6 month from now and add this green battery to a defective phone?
    I have seen a lot of idiots say they are not going to worry about it. their phone is working "fine" (read: hasn't exploded Yet)
    I ask because people will be selling these thing in 6 months or a year to get whatever new phone. For me, the Note 7 has a $0.00 resale value. I wouldn't buy a used one at all because you never know what you might be getting.
    Even Samsung says only Half the devices were "fixed" the rest are still out there to be resold.
  • Okkkkk ? You not buying one thanks for sharing , GOOD!!, ,cause there's folks still waiting on there's lol
  • One could always use the IMEI checker site provided by Samsung....
  • I have the New t mobile galaxy note 7 and the update was actually almost a half a gb and it did indeed come with the latest September security patch as well as a slew of improvements to the device
  • I think this should be the standard battery icon in Android. So much better than plain white.
  • It looks awful. And tbh I can't see the point of it.
  • I think its a terrible solution. There are hundreds of apps in the Play store that can not only replace that icon but color it anything I like. I would have preferred some actual text in the settings page somewhere baked in to the ROM.
  • It so ugly and as already said several times, does nothing to help distinguish the safe from non-safe devices.
  • So a little secret I discovered. I received my Note 7 replacement in Blue Coral and I must say it's pretty amazing. I noticed something that many of you might not know.
    If you turn on your edge clock display you'll notice the battery indicator is BLUE. Once you put in on the charger the indicator goes back to green but when you take it off the charger the battery indicator goes back to blue again.
    Just a little something I discovered.