What you need to know

  • Samsung's early marketing material for the Note 10 mentioned a stainless steel frame for the phone.
  • Today, the company updated its marketing to say it's actually "polished metal."
  • In other words, the Note 10's frame is aluminum.

During its Unpacked event in New York this past Wednesday, Samsung introduced us to the Galaxy Note 10 and did everything in its power to get us excited for the new flagship. There's a lot going on with the phone, and in the company's marketing material and hype video that played during the keynote, Samsung mentioned that the Note 10 was made out of stainless steel. However, this no longer appears to be the case.

As spotted by Max Weinbach from XDA Developers, Samsung refreshed its website and marketing video for the Note 10 to now say that the phone's made out "polished metal."


We reached out to Samsung with that very question, and the company confirmed to AC that the Note 10 is, in fact, made out of aluminum.

What caused the change in material? Samsung didn't provide a reason for the mix-up, but the mention of stainless steel on the company's website and in a video that was obviously seen by lots of people before being published indicates that the original intent was for stainless steel to be present on the phone.

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As David Ruddock suggested, it's likely that Samsung switched back to aluminum to save money or ran into manufacturing issues. In any case, the retail version of the phone will feature aluminum.

Most people likely won't care either way, but it is interesting that Samsung decided to switch back to aluminum after making such a big deal about stainless steel being present on the phone. It would have been cool to have the more premium material present on a phone that starts at $950, but such is life.

New Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

An impressive flagship, even without stainless steel.

The Galaxy Note 10 is here, and even though it might not have a stainless steel frame, it's still more than worth checking out. It has a gorgeous display, powerful specs, and a promising triple rear camera system.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Everything you need to know!

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