And we're back! The Smartphone Round Robin is officially back in motion and we're now in week 4. We have perhaps the most mysterious device in the Smartphone Round Robin this year--Nokia--and it'll definitely be exciting to see what we'll learn. Before getting time with Nokia this year, we literally knew nothing about the N900 and N97 Mini which is surprising considering the dominance Nokia has in the world market but not so surprising considering Nokia has no US footprint whatsoever. Either way, you can chalk up our hands on video with Nokia as a learning experience. Be sure you watch the video!

Because it's nearly impossible to learn everything about the powerful platform that is Nokia in one video, I'll soon be asking Nokia Users questions on Nokia Experts. I'm sure they'll be a huge help in my quest to understand how and why Nokia is so popular. On another note, PreCentral will have their hands on Android this week and we'll be sure to point you to their hands on video and accompanying thread!

Hit the jump to check out Android Central's Hands On Nokia Video !