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Nexus One specs leaked, retail sales may be 'invite-only' intially

We've seen tons of pictures and a few unofficial specs for the Nexus One trickle out of the past couple of weeks, but the folks at Engadget have found the mother lode. They've also gotten word that the Nexus one will be sold starting Jan. 5, albet on an invite-only basis at first, which they're guessing will be developers. A full T-Mobile retail launch is still in the cards, though, it's just that nobody knows when. Hit the break for the rest of the specs. [Engadget]

  • Signed up as a dev right now, just in case. I was gonna develop for Android eventually...
  • "Tricolor" trackball, huh.. Nice!
  • How do you "sign up" to be a developer???
  • Ok, these caps are intentional: I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!! Actually, cj100570 and I both told you since this news was released this was going to be a developer phone. The proof is in the post:
  • how do you sign up for the nexus one and how will or can you buy one when it available.
  • Why can't htc include at least a gig of onboard memory? I hope that google will come out with apps 2 sd soon so that won't matter.
  • this phone does nothing mor than the droid. don't get me wrong it looks great and I love android but hands down doesn't so anything more at the moment. Also it will be on tmobile making it accessible to very few people. 92 million on verizon
    89 million on ATT
    51 million on Sprint
    20 million on TMobile
  • I think the two things that set this apart from the DROID is the AMOLED display and the FM radio (and of course Android 2.1). Of course, this is nothing new. Nokia's have had FM radios for the longest and Samsung has the display on the Moment. But I agree with all you say, which is part of the reason why I've been saying for so long that this is a developer phone. This is the first Android dev phone with these things in it - especially the FM radio. So now developers can develop apps for basic radio listening but also design intriguing apps that incorporate it. (Probably shouldn't put this out there until I put out an app using it.... but imagine a real estate app that lets you listen to a listing in front of a house then schedule an appointment thru the phone right on the spot?) It's also the first one to push a 1Ghz processor. So it gives game developers a reason to seriously consider Android as a gaming platform thus pushing Android's credibility higher. So yes, it doesn't "do" much more than the DROID. But what it presents to developers goes beyond anything that is running Android at the moment.
  • um, and the 1ghz processor.. much faster than the droid
  • Thank you. It amazes me that people are forgetting about that. This is by far the most powerful device running Android yet.
  • i wonder how the battery life is going to be on this
  • On touch screens, the display by far sucks up the most power. AMOLED consumes less power yet is brighter than current displays. So the battery should take less of a beating (although the faster processsor might use up any gains from the more efficient display).
  • Just wanted to point out that if you are interested in the Nexus One there is a full forum for them here:
  • What a waste for such a great phone to be used on T-Mo's network. Well... it similarly lives up to the iPhone.