Not that we really need more unofficial confirmation that the Nexus One from Google is headed to T-Mobile, but here it is. Above is a shot from the internal Streamline network, clearly showing T-Mo support for the nexus one. Note the bullet points:

  • Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges wil be managed by Google and HTC.
  • T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, featuers and rate plans.

and ...

  • Stay tuned for Additional details and StreamLine content to support the Google Android phone in early January.
  • Keep all information regarding this launch confidential until a formal announcement by Google is released.

So T-Mobile definitely will be the initial carrier, but it's looking more and more like Google will be the one actually selling and supporting the device. T-Mo news is saying a 9 a.m. Jan. 5 release date is confirmed, and you can only order through Google. No word on pricing.

Via T-Mo News

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