The Nexus One will be sold by Google, with T-Mobile as the carrier

Not that we really need more unofficial confirmation that the Nexus One from Google is headed to T-Mobile, but here it is. Above is a shot from the internal Streamline network, clearly showing T-Mo support for the nexus one. Note the bullet points:

  • Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges wil be managed by Google and HTC.
  • T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, featuers and rate plans.

and ...

  • Stay tuned for Additional details and StreamLine content to support the Google Android phone in early January.
  • Keep all information regarding this launch confidential until a formal announcement by Google is released.

So T-Mobile definitely will be the initial carrier, but it's looking more and more like Google will be the one actually selling and supporting the device. T-Mo news is saying a 9 a.m. Jan. 5 release date is confirmed, and you can only order through Google. No word on pricing.

Via T-Mo News

Phil Nickinson
  • I hope this means WIND mobile can get it up here. :)
  • Sold by Google & Tmobile support means it should work with any compatible network outside of Tmobile too (GSM), just that one can't call Tmobile if something goes wrong. Still a pretty big deal, esp if it's $200.
  • Is it going to be sold all around the world? Or only in USA? Thx and sorry for my english!! fercabj
    from Argentina
  • probably only in USA first, but I'm sure you could buy it on ebay and have someone ship it, just have to make sure the GSM bands work with your local carriers.
  • I wonder why T-Mobile is the first to get all the recent HTC phones. They're getting the HD2 first, They got the Touch Pro2 first, and now this.
  • I don't see the appeal of having two avenues of support, especially considering that carriers often can't tell when a problem is caused by the device or the network even when they are responsible for both. I see a lot of finger pointing on the horizon. Either that, or Google will deal with network issues to keep customers happy, or T-Mobile will deal with device issues to keep Google happy.
  • i hope this is not another exclusive crap like iphone. if google is going to sell those phones why not make it available to all carriers. i hope tmobile is just a test flight because i'd eventually want one but i'm not leaving verizon.
  • I want one of those so bad, but I'm on att. xD I dono if i want to spend 500$ on a non 3g phone... I really hope that this changes... being on t-mobile only this phone will not be that big of a deal.
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