According to TmoToday, T-Mobile retail stores are receiving accessories for the Nexus One. As in the same Nexus One that isn't actually available in those T-Mobile retail stores and only available on Is it effective strategy to sell accessories for a phone that doesn't exist in your stores or is this a prelude to the Nexus One finally going the traditional route of becoming available in brick and mortar shops?

We really don't know the answer but it'd be a complete change-of-direction with Google's previous no marketing, web only stance with the Nexus One if it ends up in retail stores. Admittedly it's a stance that has softened up considering their new advertisements and job hirings but it'd be an interesting move nonetheless. We think Google and T-Mobile would both benefit from the Nexus One hitting T-Mobile retail stores, Google would gain visibility and T-Mobile would gain a flagship device.

And if the Nexus One makes it way to T-Mobile retail stores, will it make its way to Verizon, Sprint, & maybe even AT&T as well?