The Nexus line is dead, says Android chief

Google's Nexus line is dead, says Hiroshi Lockheimer, head of Android engineering at Google.

The Google executive spoke to Bloomberg about the decision this week as it launched its own Pixel phones, saying that "there is no plan right now to do more Nexus devices," squashing the persistent rumors that the company was working with Huawei to built a Nexus 7 tablet successor.

The move is not surprising for Google, since it has been endeavoring to build more of its own hardware in recent years. From the Chromecast to the Chromebook Pixel and Android-powered Pixel C, the company can count as many successes as it can failures, but the interesting part about this focus on smartphone hardware is that it believes it can coexist peacefully with the likes of Samsung and LG.

Google's internal hardware team will be treated similarly to any other Android OEM, including rivals Samsung and LG.

"Rick [Osterloh, new head of first-party hardware at Google] and his team will use our platform, but they will also work very closely with Google's Search team, or the Maps team, or the Assistant team in ways that perhaps other OEMs may not want to," says Lockheimer. In other words, Google's hardware team will be treated similarly to any other Android OEM — the way Osterloh used to function when he ran Motorola within Google just a few years ago. Essentially, Google has built a mini Moto within its own battlements.

"Samsung tells us confidential information about their product lineup, their plans," Lockheimer notes. "We won't tell LG that, and vice versa. That continues. Everyone is treated the same, including Rick's team."

That is perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the move to Pixel. Instead of partnering with OEMs on Nexus products each year, Google has instead built a silo inside the company, separating the hardware division — under Osterloh — from Lockheimer and the Android team.

Most people won't notice the difference — a non-curious Pixel user will merely understand that he or she is using a phone built by Google running Google software — but the enthusiasts among us have questions. For instance, if Google is treating its hardware division the same as Samsung and LG, what will this mean for updates? Google has already broken tradition by releasing the Pixel features that won't come to last year's Nexus devices in their entirety.

While the Nexus 5X and 6P will reportedly be upgraded to Android 7.1 later this year through a developer preview, they are unlikely to get the Assistant built into the core OS, relying on legacy versions of Google Now and Now on Tap, recently renamed "Feed" and "Screen search" respectively, in its place.

While the Nexus 5X and 6P will be updated to Android 7.1 at some point, they probably won't get the features that Google is using to sell the Pixel phones to consumers.

That Lockheimer claims that Osterloh's internal hardware division will be "treated the same" as any other Android OEM is interesting, because the Pixel phones are being touted as the successors to the Nexus line in terms of updates. But whether those updates will be freely available on Google's developer portal for people to sideload, as they can with a Nexus 6P today, remains to be seen. It's also unclear how the Pixel phones will interface with Google's own developer community, whether the unlocked versions will function as testing devices for people ravenous for the latest and greatest source code. Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference, may look very different if the Pixel is treated as just any other Android phone, especially given the Android team's enthusiasm for releasing technical previews well in advance of the final versions' public release.

Google toed this line two years ago with the development of Android Silver, which was scrapped shortly before launch in favor of continuing the partnership approach — with Motorola. At the time, head of Android engineering, Dave Burke, told ReadWrite that there have always been "two outputs" for Android code.

We're building a Nexus device and we're building the open source code. There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building. You have to live and breathe the code you are developing.You can't build a platform in the abstract, you have to build a device (or devices). So, I don't think can can or will ever go away. And then, I think Nexus is also interesting in that it is a way of us explaining how we think Android should run. It is a statement, almost a statement of purity in some respects. I don't see why we would ever turn away from that, it wouldn't make sense.

It's clear how the narrative has changed since then, as Google ramped up the design and production of its first smartphone line. The Pixels are less about "a statement of purity" as they are about Google finally being opinionated about how it feels a smartphone should look, feel, and operate.

While Google hasn't given us any reason to think that the Pixels won't naturally succeed the Nexus line from an update perspective, many of the restrictions imposed on Osterloh's team may have unintended consequences, and may put off fans of the Nexus program, who will no longer be able to cling onto their flawed heroes of yesterday.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • RIP Nexus.
  • Seriously.
  • yeah, said a Nexus fan I feel Google is forcing me to by a Pixel phone. No updates for last year's Nexus and the likelihood that other makes will not receive the latest versions of Android in a timely matter is a bummer. Basically you buy a phone from other OEMs (no idea what updates will be likely) or a super expensive Pixel....or an iPhone...said times indeed.
  • Pixel is Nexus with google branding so i dont understand ur dilema..
  • Pixel is an entirely new experience.
  • Not quite. You think a tweaked launcher and new assistant qualifies as a entirely new experience? The core advantages that the nexus line offered remain the same. Fast updates and the best performance on android
  • Not the same bud. Nexus also provided a clean none bloated android....
  • With one of the most cost prohibitive prices around.
  • No, it's not. The Pixel is an entirely different line of phones with a different philosophy.
  • OMG Pixel is NOT Nexus! Can't you read?
  • Read the article understanding is there. Google orphaned a year old Nexus phone, and all others, from latest features. Samsung move all the way.
  • with an additional $200 tacked on to the price
  • Pixel = Bloated.
    Give me a reason why i as a nexus user want a bloated phone?
  • "No updates for last year's Nexus" huh what dont spread FUD. last year models are getting updates
  • Is reading hard for you?
    While the Nexus 5X and 6P will reportedly be upgraded to Android 7.1 later this year through a developer preview, they are unlikely to get the Assistant built into the core OS, relying on legacy versions of Google Now and Now on Tap, recently renamed "Feed" and "Screen search" respectively, in its place.
  • They are getting updated, just not that feature. That feature *might* have some hardware dependency or Google may be attempting to differentiate their new flagships from everything else. Just saying that the Nexus devices are not getting updated is just false at this point. Besides, a little place called XDA will have all the features on Nexus devices a week after the Pixels are in the wild. Unofficial support will be even more robust now.
  • Reads like an Apple fanboy twisting in the wind.
  • Reads like a whiny brat? Currently, we do not even know if assist will be on any phones other than the Pixel line. It is pretty much guaranteed anything already being sold will never get it, so I am not sure why you would expect the year old nexus devices to get it. While anyone paying attention is having flashbacks to the iphone 4 not getting Siri, this seems to be a little different. You still get the majority of the functionality on the nexus (and every other phone that gets 7.1) through the Google Now functions and again, these so far seem to be Pixel only features. Pixel is a new line of phones, not generational increments from the Nexus line. A whole new manufacturer in theory. Pixel features are not AOSP and cannot be officially put on other phones unless google changes that policy.
  • Keep twisting fanboy, Up until yesterday the Nexus line was a different path bypassing carriers and promised updates for a few years. If in your view major features aren't considered updates then ok twist away. Nexus= Google.....Pixel= Alphabet ...RIP Nexus you just joined the Google Graveyard.
  • I am not sure what you are getting at. Other phones have every feature that nexus has. Unless someone has clarified that I am not aware of, no other phone will have the features the pixel has. Nexus=Stock(ish) Android.
    Pixel=Android + Google Skin Only pixels gentle Google skin with features like assist.
  • This is just Google saying to the OEMs, "Can you do this with your version of AOSP Android?". You guys have your skinned versions of Android, now here is ours.
    We gave you the foundation, now we are going to play your game and branch off to make a proprietary version of Android like you.
    Our proprietary version will show you how updates are supposed to roll out.
  • And another thing...
    To all the Nexus Fannys out there complaining about lack of support, just go buy the extra hardware to put into your old Nexus so it can work like the hardware in the New PIXELS. POINT BEING, make your old Nexus DAYDREAM compatible...!
  • So entertaining watching you cheer Alphabet morphing into just another phone maker with fast obsolescence as a new strategy.
  • It does seem that the 5X and 6P will not be receiving the final release of 7.1 before the end of the year, preview yeah, final release no. I don't see how the promise of quick and timely upgrades made to purchasers of the 6P is being upheld. Class action lawsuit anyone?
  • Duh! just like Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 not getting Google Now by default since their KitKat updates...
  • Agreed the whole pixel thing is a giant middle finger to the face. Just a few extra software bits, yes cool and all doesn't add up to equal a $400 premium over the 6p
  • Hopefully the underserved old Nexus market segment will inspire the likes of Huawei or LG to build a line of 'near-stock' phones that get timely updates and good support for their camera hardware, etc. Kind of like Moto has become. That would be a good development for Android in general.
  • You've summed up my dilemma. I'm still using my Nexus 5, because the last year the 5X didn't seem like a big enough upgrade and what I had was working fine. I decided to wait until this year to see the newest Nexus offerings. Now my choices are 1) get a $400 mid range device from someone else that will probably never see an update, 2) Spend $650 on a Pixel that will only get 2 years of updates, or 3) go to the darkside and spend $650 on a 6S that will get updates for 4 years. I was ready to throw my money at Google, but all I've done since October 4 is spend $30 on a replacement Nexus 5 battery and take a long hard look at iOS.
  • R.I.P. Nexus
    2009 - 2016 You were real good, son. Real good.
  • Yes...once an older product-line is deemed... 'End of Life'... it should be treated like a leprous-child... and squirreled away out of the public view. Those who cling to the yesteryear models.. should be reminded again and again that there are 'new features' and 'better performance' they are missing out on... by not heading to their Carrier store (or Google Shop) and demanding an upgrade to the latest and greatest. Subsequently, those Shops should do EVERYthing they can... to make the upgrade to the shiny new phone-model as seamless and attractive as possible both financially and practically. This keeps the customer in their Camp... and stops the 'roaming eye' syndrome... as clients are pulled over to competing carriers with their too-good-to-be-true 'buy out' programs.
  • I bought the Nexus 6p last year, thinking it'll be fully supported and all that for the next two years. Unfortunately, even though my phone is supposed to get all the security patches and software updates, those are always late by at least 15 days if not more. I have even had to flash the update manually a couple of times after waiting an entire month. Also, it has been a difficult transition to Android 7. My battery life has been terrible, and a couple of apps refuse to work on Nougat. I understand a lot of people are facing such problems. I thought I'd made the right purchase back then, but who knew Google would be so fickle to bring a slew of updated features and leave out the previous flagship altogether. If it's hardware related, I can understand. But there is no excuse for software features to not come to a previous flagship, especially if the hardware is still good. That's just lazy development and sucky marketing. In hindsight, I should've bought a Samsung phone instead. At least that way, I would have willingly shot my own foot, and would not be cribbing about it.
  • I just bought a 6p. I actually enjoy being a year behind. N5 in 2014, N6 in 2015, and 6p in 2016. This means when new devices are released, I have an option between the older model and the newer one.
  • A year behind? Shoulda bought an iPhone. ;+)
  • Hmm. But Samsung has been doing great with their updates nowadays. Switched on my 2years old note edge last week and it is still getting it's monthly security patch, running on Marshmallow with new features and ui from the newer Note. Also, ever since the new Samsung mobile CEO has taken over, their phones are nothing but a joy to use.
  • Damn! Shoulda bought that Samsung then...
  • You say that, and my 6p just got its October update right on time just this morning.
  • Popped into my 6p overnight, my N6 got the 7 update within hours of it being released yesterday Both have been running great and battery life is the same that I can tell
  • I haven't received my update for my Nexus 6, so not everyone is lucky to get it so fast.
  • Got an update for my N6 and 6P yesterday also
  • You're lucky, what can I say :)
  • I seriously wonder if Google is opening themselves up for a classaction suit by Nexus 6P and 5X owners. I'd jump on that in a second the way i feel.
  • True, but I look at the entire feature list. This is why I am not looking forward to Android Wear 2.0. A few good features countered by numerous bad or meaningless features.
  • I klinged to my Galaxy nexus for 5 years and still using it as my second. I will do the same with my nexus 6 and longer seeing that pixel is just another bloated phone. So what was your point?
    Performance is a none issue as the new phones dont add any thing. What feature's do the new phone's(any brand) have that are mandatory and not a novelty compared to the nexus 6, nexus 6p??
    None that i know?
  • Umm... Google assistant
  • I'm not all that happy with this new direction. Android will be less open in the long run. Ever more reliance on Google services. Sometimes I wish Firefox would've had more success with their HTML based Firefox OS. But it might be too late for any new party to enter the game.
  • The whole point of Android is to use Google services, makes no sense to remove the heart of the OS over some nonsensical "issues" clueless people have against Google. You could go iOS and get locked down to Apple's really restricted service layer
  • "The whole point of Android is to use Google services, makes no sense to remove the heart of the OS over some nonsensical "issues" clueless people have against Google. " The only core in android that was needed is the contacts,agenda,email sync and play store. Nothing more. Android was never about google.
    Pixel is bloat, no arguing there. Even the now launcher is bloat. I did not buy nexus to have all that bloat and i'm sure as hell not buying pixel, but you must be new to the nexus thing because all early adopters know how bare bones nexus was.
  • Or you could go to Amazon Fire products and use Amazon services instead. Its really the services that matter most for smart phones these days. WebOS, BlackberryOS, Windows Phone, and even the Fire Phone are all dead or dying because they didn't offer enough services, or at least the services that most people wanted.
  • No kidding... "Google finally being opinionated about how it feels a smartphone should look, feel, and operate." Yep, which means being an iPhone clone complete with the same pricing. Yes, I am a pissed former Nexus fanboy.
  • I'm with you brotha
  • I know how you're feeling man. For now, my Nexus 5X will soldier on, in the future I will NOT be supporting Google's hardware. Full stop.
  • I have a suspicion by this time next year sales figures will drive home the point that aggrieved loyalist comment threads could never achieve, lol. Lots of other quite solid devices out there for significantly less $. Time will tell though.
  • Unfortunately it probably won't. Osterloh said they know they aren't going to have 'enormous volumes' with this product.
  • Volumes wont equal sale's. And really? Whats the difference between a bloated phone and a bloated phone?
    There was a difference with a bloated phone and a nexus, its gone now.
  • @soma4society You are right, there is solid devices out there for far less. I'll be looking into them when my 5X needs a replacement. I'm not sure what Google is aiming for here. iPhone prices with Google support track record... No thank you.
  • Same. They $hit all over us.
  • I agree with you, fun fact is in not currently a nexus user and even I'm disappointed with the pixel
  • So is Evan Blass' leak no longer valid for a 7 inch tablet at the end of the year? Sadness.......
  • Maybe it's a Pixel tablet?
  • I think that would be worse.
  • Not necessarily, they just need to change it to the Pixel branding and add $200 to the price.
  • +1
  • +2
  • I laughed...and then I cried. I got a couple 5Xs for me and my wife after coming from Windows Phone where I had gotten in the habit of buying phones outright. $249/ea for great phones made an easy decision and really sealed the deal from going with Apple. I'll hang onto these for a while and hope we see the Pixels hit $500. Otherwise I'd probably take a more serious look at the Samsungs if we're talking that kind of money.
  • I've been waiting until yesterday's announcement regarding a new Nexus 7 -- no go -- because I need to replace my Nexus 7 2013 (auto rotate not working anymore, touchscreen finicky, etc.). Had to pull the trigger on a NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 on Amazon for $199.
  • I'm in the same boat (also with no paddles) - I was hoping that nVidia was going to update that with the X1 but sounds like they pulled the plug on it, so I'll be looking for a deal on the K1.
  • I have the Original Nvidia Shield tablet with LTE and was hoping for a new Nexus/Pixel tablet. I guess I'll have get an iPad Mini or Air with LTE unless someone knows of a better option.
  • "Google's internal hardware team will be treated similarly to any other Android OEM, including rivals Samsung and LG." Complete crap, as proven by the fact that the pixel phones will have 7.1 at launch months before the nexus line, which is Google's own line of phones too, will get a dev preview. I'd hate to imagine how long it is before other OEMs get access to the builds.
  • As much as I like pixel line up, not sure I am happy with all of this.
  • I'm with you. I'm even sort of hoping for a complete flop so they continue the Nexus line. Sort of.
  • We are witnessing a complete shift in culture. It will be difficult because I don't like the devices themselves. It's one thing to call them Pixel but it's something else to double back on features that made Nexus stand out for the passed few years
  • Google Fi, will it only work on Google phones or are they going to open it up to other brands of phones? If that is the case, I will have to use my 6P until it dies or find another 6P replacement. I will have to wait and see what Google is up to.
    Doing the every two year replacement is not practical for those of us retires on fixed income that dwindling from bad government management...$800.00 every two years is a big chunk to pay. I would not like to go back to VZW and there outrageous prices.
  • Sadly, the model(s) that do properly work with Google Fi will remain small in number... because Google insists that the phones used need to have all the supported radios inside which fully work on T-Mobile... .Sprint and US Cellular bands.
  • And not just that, there's custom software that has to be installed to make sure that all the radios work together and that the handoff between Sprint and T-Mobile signals works properly. Google can control that software on their own phones, but I'm not sure how willing other manufacturers would be to add that software as well.
  • Most phones come with the same Qualcomm modems so the hardware is NOT the issue... The issue is either Google is not allowing OEMs to sign on to Google Fi, OEMs don't care to, or Verizon is blocking the OEMs (as a condition to sell their phones in VZN stores).
  • I don't have a problem with these changes. Transitions are always going to be tough. I'm bummed my 5x isn't getting the complete update- but we're at the end of a generation here so I understand. I think the new concept is great- my only issue is that the Pixel phones are only getting OS updates for two years. Spending that much on a device that only has a two year run of Os updates doesn't add up for me. I have a feeling next year they're going to get it right.
  • Where did you hear that about the Pixel support window? I was wondering if they were going to extend their support window since they've been copying everything else Apple has done. But $650-870 for 2 years of support is nucking futs!
  • On the Google store page for the Pixel, there's a little dropdown arrow next to the Pixel specifications: 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of security updates. Hopefully that's a typo..
  • Right, so exactly like the Nexus line then... The OS it ships with, plus two further updates. Nexus 5 shipped with K and got L and M.
    Nexus 6 shipped with L and got M and is getting N.
    Nexus 5x shipped with M and recently got N. Will get O next year. Pixel ships with N and will get O in 2017 and P in 2018.
  • That's right.
  • It's like your girlfriend who you love to hate has broken up with you.
  • So basically the iPixel and the iPixel XL are Goggle's Lumia 950 and 950 XL.
    Well, I'm almost certain they'll meet the same fate. Their only advantage is running Android instead of a dead OS however the message to others will be the same.
    OEMs will not like this move by Google. I wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung ramp up the development of Tizen going forward.
    And I'm pretty sure Google will no longer be privy to future hardware from other OEMs. They may claim that the hardware division is separate from the Android division and that they won't pass information. But no one believes that. This will be interesting to watch going forward. The Nexus may be dead for now... But I don't think the iPixels will last as long. Sooner rather than later I think we'll see the Nexus return and the iPixels go away.
  • Hopefully not. If Samsung goes that route, then I might as well start planning on building my own phone...
  • I would love to see what you come up with on a personal development budget. That phone would be the size of a VCR! :)
  • I know. I'm just not exactly happy that I am going to be looking at the flaws of a phone first. I'm not going to be looking at the features of a phone, but the flaws. Or just try not to be overly frustrated by having to go with Samsung for who knows how long
  • I hope you are right, because i dont think my nexus will last for 15 years and more..
  • Imagine if Microsoft had a separate OS for their Surface tablets/notebooks and a different OS with less features for everyone else. I can really see Samsung maybe pursuing Tizen even more if Google is going to start keeping OS features to themselves.
  • I don't understand, Microsoft DOES have features specific to their Surface Pros...
  • Name a major Windows 10 feature (not hardware) that Microsoft has kept for themselves.
  • Not OS wise tho.
  • You will get 5 months of support for the Pixel phone before you hear about Google's new direction
  • Thanks for reminding me of the death of the Nexus 7 tablet. There goes Google Play Books, Newsstand, Games, and Movies. Wish I could uninstall these...
  • Thanks for your money and loyalty. Now kindly F--k off. "Smithers, release the hounds" :-(
  • Word!!!
  • *Google home* "OK, launching SoundHound..." Dammit.
  • This reminded me of the Cure/Disintegration scene from Ant-Man!
  • Yeah LOL
  • I do love me some nexus. For years I have refused to buy or even look at something that's non Nexus (straight non starter). But I have also been craving pixel for already a year. I want super premium hardware that truly competes with the iPhone, which is what we r probably getting this time. When I got my grubs on the pixel c, I was sold. So sturdy, so beautiful, just straight sexy. Once I knew they were capable, it was just a matter of time. So Nexus U served us well. I will always remember u. Such fond memories... But I'm ready for the pixel. Long live the pixel. And let's get that **** already .
  • You might as well buy a samsung device, its cheaper and no difference software wise as pixel will also be bloated.
  • The more I read about this the more it seems like a money grab, the crazy high price, the death the the low volume Nexus line.....
  • Does this mean that Pixel users are the new beta testers?
  • No more than anyone else who buys any phone from any company. All these phones get tweaked and updated, so really everyone that buys a phone is a beta tester.
  • I think they're trying to get mainstream appeal and the nexus line wasn't cutting it. I think the pixel imo is a joke, nothing is worth the price. they're trying to compete with samsung but most those features that's only in the pixel I willing to bet touchwiz will add them to the s8. also 7.1 will be mainstream by february and it's no proof the camera of the pixel is that good, won't compete with a dsr and probably will be a bit better than iphone. It's just marketing but I don't really see what they're trying to get at, they killed a good line with cheap prices for a overpriced product that won't compete with samsung at all. Th is is probably why they went to verizon and signed that deal. they knew it wasn't gonna do well and wanted something back from day 1 so verizon paid them for that.
  • Welp, one plus 3, here I come to give your a shot. Google Greed took over, control, everything, just like Apple.
  • Yes, how dare they be greedy and want to actually make money from something they sell
  • They made money from their ad business you fool. They didn't make the Nexus, so they didn't lose anything. They were a pass through for them.
  • And now they want to make money from selling phones. If I'm a fool and even i can see that, what does that make you since you're so completely clueless that you think they don't want to make more money this way? Oh the stupidity of some people(I'm talking about you savdini in case you couldn't tell)
  • So stupid you don't even realize you've been screwed over. But you sound like the type that enjoys that.
  • You're right of course. Google is entirely in their right to seek a more profit driven model. Let's wager to meet back here in a year and see how this model treats them. If I'm wrong I'll humbly eat crow :) But I doubt I am. I think sales will be mediocre at *best*.
  • Dear Google, this hardware craving you have is not good. Software and services are great and I use them a lot but please let it stop there. This Pixel/Nexus thing is your latest confusion giving the middle finger to those few Nexus diehards. I was looking forward to a dirt cheap 5x in a few months as backup to my Note 7 and to get fast updates. Now the once golden Nexus child is now being given up for adoption. Believe me Google, I also have visions especially on weekend nights that I hold myself from pursuing in the morning.
  • PLease dont /nexus it. Nexus was the prime example for stock none bloated android, a real premium. Not this pixel crap.
  • It makes the situation a little harder to swallow in the fact that the 6P and 5X have been completley removed from sale via Google, and also it appears that the update support will not perhaps be the complete android support promised for 2 years last year. disappointed to say the least on this direction. i would expect, as said above, the OEMs are also feeling a little peeved as updates may no longer be as freely available. Going back to Lockheomers tweet re remembering this day like back in 2008 may be correct, but perhaps not for the right reasons. Lets see, this is year 1 of this programme. |
  • I think I am down to the ZTE Axon 7, Nubia Z11, OP3/4, or Honor 8 on my next phone...time will tell...
  • Spend years building up the Nexus brand only to dump for the Pixel brand? Umm okay...
  • Google is the worst run company I've ever seen. Their search is the only thing keeping them on top. They are complete scatter brains in respect to their management.
  • I think this is a crock of crap. I think that we have seen the true beginning of the end of Android and everything it stood for. I feel that Google has basically told all of the developers to f@&$ off and we are going to see Samsung and others push their own OS's hard to compete with them now. All of this means that Samsung and Apple will win because most people won't spend this kind of money on Pixels made by HTC and certainly won't switch to Verizon. 2016 is going to be a bad year for Android and for Google and that is what is going to be remembered.
  • Here's to hoping Pixels get less snobby fanboys than Nexus owners...
  • Yeah cause owning a 820 quid/1000 dollar phone that's marketed as super premium isn't going to foster elitism...
  • To be replaced by smirking jagoffs who take selfies in the mirror?
  • So no more support on my Nexus 6P?? Not happy about that at all.
  • Good time to buy a 6P or 5X. Their value just dropped like a rock.
  • Lol, who out there has bought *any* Android device with the intent of high resale value a year or two later? I mean, Let's be honest here... ;) It's kind of like cars, the moment you drive a new one off the lot you may as well kiss about a quarter of its MSRP value goodbye. And I say this as a very happy 6P user.
  • Well there goes all hope for future software support. Stupid move on them to put to pasture some of the best phones that are a year old. Whole nexus ideology was support for 2-3 years. Rest in peace Nexus, I and many more will miss you. Fingers crossed for a resurrection when the whole pixel line crumbles
  • About damn time. Nexus needed to go.
    I'm ready for something more premium.
    Long live Pixel!
  • What are you smoking?
  • Nothing sadly
  • You. You're the problem.
  • No, I'm really not. The Nexus program was. But it's dead now so I'm happy.
  • Of course you are, you're an idiot. A happy idiot.
  • How was it a problem?
  • And I am guessing that you can afford it. Nexus could have stayed alongside Pixel. I don't mind premium, I just don't like Pixel.
  • Well being a software engineer I've got some spare pennies hidden away. All jokes aside yes I could afford a loaded 128xl no problem. But I'm smart enough to see a shity deal
  • You are on, think you clicked the wrong link. This is the proper site you were looking for,
  • Why do people keep saying no more support on the nexus 6p. Did they say that anywhere.
  • I'm glad Google is happy with their vision. I'm not seeing it, or feeling it. I have a lot of questions that need answers, and judging by the comments, I'm not alone.
  • Quote.. slightly edited..but appropriate.. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.. all those moments will be lost in time..
    like tears in rain..
    time to die"
    Nexus 6
  • For the price of the new Pixel XL starting at $770, I think Nexus 6 will be alive for a couple of more years to come.
  • Thank you, Blade Runner.
  • Ha. Apropos...
  • For the prices of the new Google phones, I can say that it's the end of the line for the Pixel phones (for me).
  • My concern is that this will be used as an excuse to end all support for current Nexus devices
  • Well, if more people bought Nexus this would never have happened. People obviously prefer to pay more for their devices. The whole "unlocked" thingy confuses them and rather go into their respective carriers and buy their devices on contract/finance. The Nexus was the best thing to happen to smartphones. Fairly priced, quality, secure, and can last you 3 years easily (most people at least). So there you go people. You got your way. Pay more for less and join the ranks of Apple and Samsung. I hope you're pleased.
  • Nexus was never about going main stream. Always was small batch niche market, for developers and general Android tinkers like myself. Was always a good $ to performance option now its just an expensive piece of jewelry
  • It was about it when Google had full on Google Store and commercials. And 2 sizes for the 2015 nexus, it was absolutely about going mainstream. It was mainstream since the Galaxy Nexus.
  • Agree to disagree still. Yes there was a push, more advertising and what not. Still the amount of coin spent on advertising hails in comparison to budget of samscum and crapple. If they wanted to 100s of millions of phone they'd amp up the marketing budget
  • Why the f did they not just do this with Motorola? At the time Google bought them, moto was killing it on the budget and mid-range and were designing truly one of a kind flagships. I am so so disappointed in how Google handled moto and then sold them off to such a terrible company but kept the patent rights. I so very deeply hope that Osterloh will stop this travesty from continuing and turn this Pixel trash into something actually great. Moto was just so close to the perfect phone and then were sold to an awful company. So sad.
  • Bad management. Too many foreigners running the company.
  • First sentence true, second sentence idiotic. Maybe you should build a wall between America and India to keep people like Sundar out?
  • I'm not in the Trump camp, that's not what I meant. I mean the mentality of foreigner running an American company. People of different cultures think differently. There seems to be too many opinions in management for them to fully agree on anything. So they do everything half assed trying to get please everyone while pleasing no one. It wasn't like this before Sundar took over, or at least as bad as it is now. And love Indian food if that counts for anything?
  • More brilliant ideas from Google! Kill off the phone line that the true Android fans go crazy over!! Now we have more HTC crap with a stupid nam . Maybe roll the Allo team into the Pixel team so they can totally ruin everything.
  • Right?! Wtf is wrong with them
  • There's no incentive for Google to enter the hardware market at this point. I understand that Google want's to maximize its ROI on Android especially now that Alphabet has become a venture (vulture) capitalist. But this play makes no sense. In the US (and most western nations) Apple and Samsung suck all of the profit out of the smart phone market. Everyone else has to fight for scraps by stealing market share from each other. A play for emerging markets might make sense but not at these price points. The lower mid and higher mid tier OEM offerings offer an experience that's almost on par with the Pixel devices, at 50% to 75% of a cost savings to the consumer. Google's hardware division could bring innovative and interesting features to Android, but keeping them as a Pixel exclusive is also a dangerous play. I find it really hard to believe that OEM's would stand by and let this happen. I always figured Google's hardware initiatives was more of a skunk works group. Try different things and see what sticks (maybe offset the R&D cost little with some consumer offerings). Essentially Google has decided to fork Android and keep some of the best features to itself. This is bad for everyone developers, consumers, and OEMs. PS: Carrier Exclusive.. WTF Google!!!!!!!
  • I hope we continue to see an upswing in good "mid-tier" phones in the $400-$500 range. It would appear that it's going to take top dollar to get the latest greatest in terms of services and features, but as long as I have a decent screen, no lag, good battery, good call quality, and am able to stream and cast video, I'm happy. The OP3 is ticking these boxes for me currently as would phones like Moto Z Play/G4 Plus, Axon 7, and so on. Keep these types of phones coming!
  • Amen brother. Next for me will probably be a Mate 8, + unlock code via Huawei, + Nova Launcher. $449. Hotspot built in. Done.
  • My thoughts as a Nexus 6p owner: I am still getting updated to 7.1 and will most likely continue to get all the updates I would have gotten if the Pixel line had not been introduced. The Pixel device is a new line that runs Android but it has specific features dedicated to it. This is no different than car models in one brand. Some have different features, better features that are specific to that model. If you want those features you buy that model. If Google is truly interested in making and selling their own phones and making money from them it doesn't make business sense to give defining features away...what company does that...Samsung... Apple...BMW...who? So while I would like to have the assistant built into my 6p.. well it wasn't...and it won't if I want that functionally then I can by the Pixel phone to get it. None of us are just entitled to get things. I am being upgraded to 7.1 with the features it has, while the Pixel is running 7.1 with additional features designed for it. This has happened over and over in my life and not specifically with's nothing new and it is how life is. This is just a phone..not my entire existence. I like the Pixel's so when I am ready for a new phone I will buy one.
  • WTF Car's don't run the same OS, Apples and Oranges. You're taking out of your ass.
  • I am not talking about an OS. Cars within the same brand offer different models each offering enhancements that other models don't have. So you can buy a Toyota with a standard sound system or you can buy a different model that features a better sound system.
  • Still comparing two completely unrelated things.
  • And that might be a problem for Google. Maybe those people will buy a different model, from LG or Samsung, or possibly even Apple.
  • I get that Google wants to make their own flagship with differentiating features. But what I'll miss about the Nexus line is that reference to "Stock Android". Like it or not, it served as a point of reference of how much the various OEMs differentiated from it. And, it was available at a reasonable price point for those that wanted a quality "stock android" experience. Have we now entered a world where everyone including Google is another OEM, and stock android is a thing of the past?
  • Pixel. Stupid name. Bad design.
  • Agree, hope Google doesn't abandon timely updates for the 5X and 6P .. Up to this point Google has been adamant that all android phones get updated which on the flagship although not fast ..have reached the users through the release grapevine -- I think the midrange has been short changed ..but google hasn't pressed so its just another incentive to get a true blue flagship. Have heard 18 monthes or at least one major update .. but with mfg releasing new phones every year instead of 2 ..the phones may be already be discontinued -- the MFG has nothing to gain by making the new OS work and stable with the legacy device .. again only Googles influence has made them follow through . So if Google down't follow through with O OS or Andromeda for the Nexus then the mfg really doesn't have to follow through with their legacy devices also . Maybe Google will only release new OS through mfg .. No one has broke a story on if the HOTSPOT will be locked down carrier style or sent open Nexus style .. no one has stated if preloaded carrier apps can be removed .. and I assume new Qualcomm chipset will be locked down and out like the 820s through all US carriers . Kenny
  • What I like about Android ecosystem is that you're not forced to use Google services in your device, I use Cortana assistant and Bing and disabled all Google services I don't use (Gmail, Hangounts, GDrive, Google search, Google Movies & TV, Google Music) the only thing I like from Google today is youtube.
    I think and hope with above move that Google is still letting OEMs allow a feature to disable Google apps on Android you don't use to have better battery life, performance and more RAM, but if this is not true, I'll switch to iOS ecosystem.
  • Sad news. I'm happy for pixels, but have had a relationship exclusively with Nexus for years now.
  • LG is looking pretty good now. Here's hoping that they don't capitulate to the mainstream.
  • Amazon or Samsung should name one of their next phones Nexus.
  • its obvious why nexus died. pixel. this entire time the nexus phones have been googles way of beta testing so now that pixel is out, theres no need for nexus or project ara. also, it sucks that pixels only focus was to beat the iphone camera. its like wheres the wireless charging or water resistance? are you gonna save those features for next years model? and then try to catch up to iphone? google loves moving backwards, not forwards.
  • As a former Nexus supporter for the past 5 years my hope was one day Nexus would come out of the dark, no more beta and if Google decicded to go mainstream I'd be on that boat with them, proudly saying I've been a part of this (as guinea pig that is) instead I feel like I got the middle finger and said I don't longer need you. I'm going with this iPhone clone and in the same direction as Apple. Oh well so be it then. Good luck to them. RIP Nexus.
  • I could really care less what they call it. All I know is that I have a 6P which is less than a year old, and is the best phone I've ever owned, and even though I am sure it will get security updates for a while, it is not going to get one of the key new features of Android. And I have to believe this is just a decision they have made, there certainly should not be any technical limitations with the 6P running the assistant. I have to say, this pisses me off quite a bit. I'm on Fi, so my choices are limited, but I will need to think long and hard about my next phone. Now, if Google wants to keep me happy, they should offer a sweetheart "trade-up" deal for the 6P to a Pixel, especially for Fi users.
  • There are good things about pixel, like the full res photo storage, but the assistant - seriously?
    honestly, do you really use it atm? Will you really use it in the future? But I really dont see the big huha. People are barking mad if they think this assistant wont eventually released as an app, including for IOS. Its bound to be part and parcel of the whole google experience. Data farming / machine learning / AI - ie googles bread and butter.
  • "There are good things about pixel, like the full res photo storage, but the assistant - seriously? honestly, do you really use it atm? Will you really use it in the future?" Yes, seriously. This is like having an interactive service like Amazon Echo that you can carry around with you, use in the car, etc. I use Google Now, but what they showed in the demo is beyond that limited service, and can allow interaction with the phone itself. You are saying that Google will roll this out everywhere. I disagree - I think this service will be saved for the new phones, and for the Echo-competitor they showed. This is the Google hardware division deciding they want to be profitable selling hardware (which, with the new Alphabet structure they need to), and there's nothing wrong with that, just don't screw over your most loyal customers to do it.
  • I wonder if NoNexus is dancing and laughing around his screen...
  • Pixel Play Edition, then?
  • So will other oem's get the assistant features in pixel phones. Or is that the line in the sand that other oem's will have to figure out themselves?
  • There's always an alternative, I would use Cortana
  • I just don't get being with ONE carrier. Its ridiculous. Verizon can take a hike. Never going there.
  • I think Ian Peters said it best as a comment over at Android Police: "I personally don't feel rage, but I do feel like Google's engaged in some pretty tricky semantics here. They promised the Nexus program two years of updates to major OS versions; the slight of hand here is that Google has somewhat arbitrarily declared that various major and minor features are somehow not truly part of the OS, but are instead part of the Pixel experience. This distinction is considerably muddied when the same company is the source of both the OS and the customizations. It certainly smells underhanded. Compare this to the iOS 10 release. For example, the new way that Siri is open to outside developers isn't restricted only to the iPhone 7, but is part of the OS update that every supported phone gets. Sure, my Nexus 6p is getting Android 7.1. But at a certain point, if Android 7.1 doesn't include the latest Google-developed Android features on all of the supported devices, what does that really mean? In some sense, can Google just ship me an update where the only change is to bump the version number to 7.1 and then claim they provided the OS update? What's the point if the features aren't included? So not rage, but a definite sense of disappointment and envy when I look at what's included with the new Pixel phones, and how tacky Google is being when comparing to other OS providers."
  • This....and I feel betrayed...... Hot damn Google. Why do you want to become like Apple? (Apple in some way is becoming more open, while Google with pixel is closing in on it self, Does that make sense? I am sad....
  • Nexus represented the best option for those users who wanted a base AOSP experience, great specs, and fantastic price. Now Pixel is nothing more than over priced aosp android phone lacking the features of Galaxy and LG V series phones. Hopefully, companies like Xioami, Huawei, and LeEco see the great opportunity to pounce, imagine a Google Play Edition Mi5s or $300 Le Pro 3 with hardware that would crush all phones out there.
  • Here's something I don't think anyone has mentioned: How exactly does the pixel c fit into all of this...?
  • Okay can we all just admit that nobody besides Tech nerds are going to be buying the Pixel fairy dust phones. I work with the public and I'm always asking about and talking about phones. Not one person young or old even know what a Pixel phone is. Sorry but I see the Pixel as another failed Google project.....
  • Ask them after Google has used their own war machine to pummel is with ads reminiscent of the iPhone heh.
  • And now even nexus users wont buy this crap, so who's left to buy this garbage?
  • OK, fine. Then google/ Android is dead for me. Why did they think nexus user's(they probably dont care about us) want a bloated phone?
  • He may say it's dead now, but I remember a Google guy who said that Google+ would be the central hub of the Google experience. Where is that idiot and his Google+ now? What is called the future today, may become the past tomorrow.
  • Was just about to call Pixel a Nexus with a different name, but it's a good thing I read the article!
  • Let's pour out a lil liquor
  • don't pour the good stuff though
  • The most surprising thing about this news is that people are actually surprised by this news...
  • After the Google's announcement I purchased OnePlus 3 from Amazon.
    Thank you Google for the awesome ride with Nexus.
    I have started with Nexus 4 ended with 6P
    Really hate to see Google changing like an Apple.
    So long.
  • Everyone go buy the new pixels. Hurry. (That way there will be plenty for sale later on swappa) I'll get my Pixus XL next year. Mint