Nexus 7 docking station coming in 'early December'

We asked on episode 117 of the Android Central Podcast about when we would see a docking station for the Nexus 7.  An astute listener who is also one of those "people close to the matter" decided to toss us a bone and directed us to the Japanese ASUS site which has what appears to be a landscape audio dock for the 7-inch wonder coming at the beginning of December.

There's not a lot of info, but it says we can use the USB port, and it has a 3.5mm audio output -- which can only mean it's using the pogo pins for power and audio transmission. It will sell for 3,480 Japanese Yen (about $41 USD) sometime in early December.

A quick look at my calendar tells me it's almost early December now, so I'm sharpening my credit card. You can bet we'll be trying to get at least one of these when they are available. Hit the link below to see for yourself, and follow the break for the translated version of the website entry.

Source: ASUS Japan; Thanks, Anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Let us just hope it's not available exclusively on the Play store. Unless of course we want it Christmas 2013.
  • Or want to pay triple retail price on Ebay because 500 thousand people signed up for "release notification" emails wasn't enough of a heads up that scalping was going to be a problem...
  • Anyone who buys anything on ebay for triple the price deserves to have their money taken from them.
  • Yeah they'll sell out and and then go on two month backorder. then Google will say how unprecedented the demand for this accessory is blah blah blah. I hope Google has absolutely nothing to do with the logistics of selling this accessory.
  • Next podcast, you need to mention something about a Nexus 10 keyboard dock, or any Nexus 10 accessory that uses the pogo pins would be alright. Give me more of a reason to buy one!
  • Or any official Nexus 10 accessory, period. There are none. I find it so fascinating how companies throw away opportunities to make easy additional money by simply not making what customers want to buy. I am in the market for a quality, thin, protective case/cover for my Nexus 10 weeks ago, not months after buying it. I eventually was able to get one of several theird-party docks for my HTC EVO LTE, but there is *STILL* no OEM dock for it! (I loved the OEM dock for the Evo 3D).
  • How the hell do you release a Nexus 10 without an official cover option? Ridiculous. Google shows off all these accesories and never releases them.
  • There was supposed to be one: the cheap-looking cardboard one we see in most pre-release reviews, which was using that backside rubber strip. Rumor is that feedback was so bad about that cover, Google decided to scrap the design altogether. So the question now is: are we going to see a new & improved official version of that cover?
  • +1 on the Nexus 10 dock. I understand it was just released, but owners need to start seeing official accessories soon. As a matter of fact, they should've been released when preorders started. Oh, and have enough of them to satisfy demand.
  • It's about time we make use of those pins. I'd like to see the entire Nexus lineup make use of a docking station before too long.
  • I agree, I have a MyTouch4G with pogo pins and I never found an accessory for it. Kind of a waste.
  • Very good to hear news of a pogo dock. Now just get me a Nexus4 charging orb by Christmas and I'll be set.
  • So we will see the wireless charger for the Nexus 4 next holidays I guess
  • and then 6 months later google will stop supporting it as there will be a new nexus on the block!
  • Looking at the pictures (HIDEOUSLY LOW-RES) on the website, I don't see any cables hanging of side. It would appear the dock is indeed using the pogo-pins. As you may recall the Nexus 7 support Audio-via-USB. What confuses me is the dock itself. There doesn't appear to be much holding the tablet in place, other than gravity, when docked. Correctly if I'm wrong but pogo-pins generally require a fair amount of force applied to them to make a solid connection?
  • the pogo pins protrude out and spring loaded, very little force is needed to make it register the connection. How secure the tablet will be on the dock is very minimal, gravity will help it seat on the dock. A fair ammount of shaking of a table or earthquake would probably knock it forward and off the dock. As pictured the tablet is angled and once ready for use just hold and lift, practically zero resist. This is one the reason why i keep coming back to the nexus series. Ready for the go without unplugging usb cord or usb docking station.
  • IF This Is The Answer To No MHL And Ends Up Being An Excellent Video Out Device, I Am Very Much In. If It Is for Charging And Audio Only, Then I Could Care Less. At Last They Are Finally Using Those Pins.
  • I'm assuming you post your Facebook statuses like that too, huh?
  • I do not post to Facebook, and that cap thing is some weird thing my GN has been doing lately. Not sure if it is Swype or what. (This is from my PC btw) I know it is annoying, but it is more of a hassle to fix every word.
  • Yeah...I'll believe it when I see it.
  • I'll believe it when my card is charged.
  • I'll believe it when it shows up at my door.
  • I hope this doesn't end up like those premium cases that never were released.....
  • ;) yw
  • It only took half a year.
    I'll believe it when I unpack it
  • So I either have the connivence of the dock, or I keep my Nexus 7 in a case protected. I probably won't get to have both. Meh.
  • "Connivence"?
  • The only thing I hate about having Nexus products is that it seems to take forever for (official) accessories to show up (if they show up at all).
  • $500 in australia.
  • I do see a new section under 'Sounds' in the Settings menu after the last update--namely Dock. There's a functional check box for dock insert sound, and a grayed out one for audio. So, it appears something is right around the corner...
  • Looks OK but when will designers learn to put the 3.5mm sterio jack on the front or side of these things!
  • It's still not magically going to give me video out on a Nexus 7 so no beans for me. I hope those out there that have been waiting on this accessory get it soon and swiftly though.
  • I also see the new dock settings from the last update under settings sounds. There preparing for something.
  • Does this explain the 4 pins on the side of my Nexus 7?
  • Yes, those 4 "pogo pins" are what will make this dock work. I've been waiting for this, as I'm going to take it apart and use the internals to make a custom CAR dock for the N7. I'm glad it's finally being released. I understand they had to wait for the most recent Jelly Bean update, as support for audio out via pogo pins wasn't supported in the software previously. Google/ASUS needed to make sure that the software update was out before they made and sold these, otherwise people would buy them and they wouldn't work, and that simply couldn't happen.
  • I'm assuming this is for the Nexus 7 1st gen. I know my 2nd gen tablet doesn't have POGO pins. If that's the case, what's the purpose?