New Thrustmaster PlayStation 4 controller revealed

What you need to know

  • Thrustmaster is a company that specializes in custom joysticks, controllers and racing wheels.
  • Today, Thrustmaster showed off a new PlayStation 4 controller they've built
  • This controller is fully customizable, you can even swap the sticks from symmetrical to assymetrical.
  • The controller releases on October 7, though there's no price right now.

Thrustmaster has unveiled a new PlayStation 4 controller for enthusiasts. Officially licensed by PlayStation, this controller is extremely customizable. You can swap the sticks from symmetrical to assymetrical, change out the thumbsticks for touch pads and more. You can check out the reveal of the controller on Twitter below:

This new controller is set to be available on October 7, though there's no mention of price, pre-order information or even a listing on the Thrustmaster webpage at the moment. The lack of said aforementioned information is a little strange, considering that the controller release is set just a couple of weeks away. We'll be sure to provide an update when we learn more.

Samuel Tolbert

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