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New Nexus 7 lands in the UK, parts of Europe, Japan

Update: The New Nexus 7 is also available in France, Germany and Spain (priced at €229 and €269) and Japan (27,800 yen and 33,800 yen). Check your local Google Play Store by clicking the button on the left to see if it's available for you to buy.

Original story: Just as we had confirmed with our own sources previously, the 2013 Nexus 7 has just gone on sale in the Google Play Store for residents of the UK. Fashionably late when compared to availability in the U.S. and Canada, the new Nexus 7 weighs in at £199 for the 16GB model and £239 for 32GB.

Google is also sending out an email to those in the UK who signed up for updates indicating that the tablet should be on sale at several retailers now including Currys PC World, Amazon, Tesco, Argos and John Lewis. The email also says to contact the stores for specific availability.

No word at the moment on a mobile data version of the tablet, but if you're okay sticking to Wifi you can go place your order or try your luck at a retail location now.

Google Nexus 7 (2013) review

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  • where is the LTE US model already??
  • It may come on September 10th. Some stores in Poland estimate availablity of WiFI and LTE models to be Sep 10th. It's been asked by the tech bloggers whether or not that information i trustworthy and the stores confirmed that it was information they received from local branch of Asus.
  • Trying to avoid the buy button until I hear about the LTE release date. Proving difficult. ;)
  • VBulletin bn Posted via Android Central App
  • Its got nexus 4 8g for 159 too! Posted via Android Central App
  • I signed up to receive an email when the device is available. And just got one, got VERY excited, clicked the link, and... Alas... The usual message about devices on Play not being available in my country (Denmark). Bummer... Posted via Android Central App
  • Surprise! Posted via Android Central App
  • Since I wake up and its all good exciting news Posted via Android Central App
  • Currys are showing stock. Argos not showing yet. Tesco still shows pre order. I'm holding out for tesco as they are currently offering 10% off electricals Posted via Android Central App
  • where are tesco offering 10% off, can you provide link to that?
  • Pre-ordered with tesco last week and received mine today :-) Get in ! goto tesco direct and enter code TDX-MJGQ for 20 quid off (its an offer they are doing for any electricals, save 20 quid if you spend more than 150 quid)
  • i did the same but still not had mine yet :(
  • Sorry, just checked, the offer expired 26 Aug :-(
  • yeah thought so :( How often do these deals come about? I saw it yesterday which obvs was one day too late! gutted!!
  • My local Currys haven't got it in. He didn't seem to know when it would be in either :-( Galaxy S3
    Transformer Prime
    Nexus 7
  • I've had an email this morning from VERY saying my 32gb new Nexus 7 has been despatched. Posted via Android Central App
  • should be going on sale in AU by the end of the week, preorders are up at pccasegear
  • Argos have got stock (my store has two), but it's not available to actually buy until tomorrow, sadly. Dunno why they are a day late, but that's the deal.
  • Have you got a link? Nothing showing online Posted via Android Central App
  • Just been on the phone to curry's and they have not received any stock yet. Order cancelled and bought from Ebuyer who will deliver tomorrow. Posted via Android Central App from my Nexus 4
  • Can't fault Ebuyer really. Ordered last Friday, and shipped to home on Saturday morning. Love the new N7 so far :)
  • Collecting mine this afternoon 32GB ! Plus just ordered a Nexus 4 for £199 16GB what a great value price.
  • Got mine today.. Ordered a 16GB From UK to Denmark.. Lovely piece of hardware. It's really grippy and feels really solid.
  • I am interested in the 3G-4G version of the N7-2013.
    Has there been any date for that in the USA or UK yet? Posted via Android Central App
  • Bought mine today from pc world. They had 20 + in stock. Massive improvement from my original N 7. It is so much easier to hold and the screen is absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the money. Posted via Android Central App
  • If you've just got the new Nexus7 then check out my 50 quick tips: Please share the love!
  • Can save 5% ordering online from pc world. Use voucher code "nexus5" only works if you get delivery or buy and collect. Not if you reserve and collect Posted via Android Central App