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What you need to know

  • Amazon's new 3rd-generation Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras can last for 2-years on 2-AA batteries.
  • Blink Outdoor retails for $99, while Blink Indoor retails for $79.
  • Both cameras will be available from Amazon on September 16, 2020.

Amazon's Blink cameras have been a staple in the value camera segment of the crowded home security market, and the 2020 Blink lineup looks to solidify Amazon's hold on the top value spot. At $99 for Blink Outdoor and $79 for Blink Indoor, Amazon is keeping pace with its super-affordable lineup from last year and adding in impressive new battery life. These new Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras are rated for an incredible 2-year battery life with the 2-AA batteries included in each camera's box. That's all without sacrificing resolution or night vision capabilities, too.

These new 3rd-generation Blink cameras feature the same HD resolution and infrared night vision as last year's models and are even packed in new, sleeker housing. They've still got that trademark rounded-square design, with the outdoor model retaining the all-black aesthetic while the indoor cameras have a white trim. Blink Outdoor sports a weather-friendly design that's rated for rain or shine, hot or cold with a working temperature range of -4 to 113° F. Blink Outdoor can even be placed in direct sunlight, which is something many other manufacturers don't offer with their outdoor cameras.

Amazon is releasing both 3rd-generation Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras on September 16, 2020. Just as before, the more cameras you buy at a time, the cheaper each camera gets. Amazon is even offering a Blink Mini with each pack and that, too, gets cheaper as you buy additional cameras. The 5-pack of the new 3rd-generation Blink cameras drops the price of the Blink Mini to a whopping $10. All of the new Blink cameras work with Blink Sync Module 2 and feature offline storage via an optional USB drive. There's a reason Blink regularly makes it to the list of best wireless home security cameras.

Home in a blink

Blink Indoor 2020 Crop

Blink Indoor (3rd-gen)

Right features, right price

The 3rd-generation Blink Indoor camera offers an amazing suite of capabilities, including 2-year battery life, without the extra price.

The long-lasting guard dog

Blink Outdoor 2020 Crop

Blink Outdoor (3rd-gen)

Weather and wallet-proof

Need a great outdoor camera that does everything you need without breaking the bank? The 3rd-generation Blink Outdoor camera is the best pick.

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