Blink sees a more secure future with required two-factor login

Blink XT2 camera
Blink XT2 camera (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Blink will require two-factor authentication after March 30, 2020, adding significant security benefits for customers.
  • Users can verify their email addresses right in the Blink app.
  • Only email can be used for two-factor authentication at this time.

Starting March 31, 2020, Blink camera owners will be required to have a registered email attached to their Blink accounts in order to receive two-factor authentication codes. Blink sent out emails to many customers today outlining the changes and letting customers know that they'll need to verify their email address associated with their Blink account in order to use the service after March 30, 2020.

Blink is making it easy to do this right through the app by opening your Blink app, clicking on the hamburger button on the top left to open the menu, selecting manage account, and then clicking verify email. It took me about two hours to get my verification email, likely because Blink's servers are getting hammered for requests, so if you don't get one immediately don't fret. Once you've verified your account, the verify email button will disappear from your app. If you don't see a verify email button, that means you're all set.

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From here on out, whenever you need to log into your Blink account, Blink will send you a two-factor code to verify that you have access both to your verified email address and your Blink account. While this isn't necessarily an infallible method of keeping your account secure, it makes logging into your account significantly more difficult for would-be criminals that might want to perform nefarious deeds.

Amazon-owned Blink provides a great way to secure your home with simple, affordable cameras that work well with Amazon Alexa, among other supported smart home tech. We really liked the latest Blink XT2 cameras when we reviewed them late last year. Now, with this enhanced security measure, it's easier to recommend Blink cameras than ever before.

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