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Netflix is raising its prices in the U.S. — again

Netflix house at MWC
Netflix house at MWC (Image credit: Android Central)

First reported by Mashable and confirmed by Business Insider, streaming video service Netflix (opens in new tab) is raising prices for users in the U.S. The price hike will begin today for new subscribers, while those who currently have accounts will be officially notified of the change starting on October 19 and will be given 30 days notice before their monthly bill is increased. All subscribers will be paying the new prices by the end of this year.

Thankfully, Netflix's basic $7.99 plan will remain untouched. However, the price of Netflix's most popular "standard" plan that includes HD and two simultaneous streams will be upped from $9.99 per month to $10.99 per month, and the company's premium service, which includes 4K resolution and four simultaneous streams, will be upped from $11.99 to $13.99 monthly.

In a recently released statement regarding these price increases, Netflix had the following to say:

From time to time, Netflix plans and pricing are adjusted as we add more exclusive TV shows and movies, introduce new product features and improve the overall Netflix experience to help members find something great to watch even faster.

Though these price increases may upset some, it's worth noting that much of this money will likely be going to acquiring more content and creating and continuing more original series, documentaries, and movies. In addition, Netflix's premium plan is still cheaper than HBO (priced at $15 per month) and its standard plan is a dollar less than Hulu's commercial-free plan ($11.99 per month).

In August, Netflix raised its prices in Canada by between $1 and $2 per subscriber.

Thoughts? Questions?

If you're a U.S. Netflix subscriber, how do you feel about Netflix's price increase? Has it put you off, or do you feel the extra couple of dollars is worth it? Let us know in the comments!

  • All prices go up. Nothing to see here. I'm however waiting for the outrage.
  • Agreed, this really isn't something to worry about. It's literally $2. Not going to break the bank and inflation is always expected over time. I'm really impressed the bottom range price is unchanged. That's good to hear.
  • It's literally $2 per month which is a 16% price increase. The dollar amount doesn't sound like much, but it is. When you consider a lot of cord cutters are paying for multiple incremental services like Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access (jerks), Crunchyroll, etc. then a 16% increase for all of those really would start adding up on an annual basis. The reason why people turn to Netflix and other services is to get content they can't get elsewhere or to get content from a different source. If they keep raising prices and losing content like Disney, people will start to leave.
  • All personal choices. Isn't capitalism fun?
  • No, actually Capitalism ISN'T fun. By it's very nature, it rewards a few at the top of the money/wealth chain, while keeping those less fortunate poor.
  • Better start climbing that mountain! LOL
  • For me the mountain was uphill both ways. Hate that mountain.
  • In the old days I would reply with a long rebuttal, not worth it anymore. I guess I'm one of the fortunate.
  • Oh no 🤦🏻‍♂️, Dennis might have to get a job. Lol 😂
  • You mean it rewards those who work for their money.
  • Shareholders don't work for the money
  • What? How can they buy shares if they do not work?
  • You should consider moving to Venezuela -- I hear things are wonderful there.
  • Bring Toilet paper!
  • I like toilet papers
  • Capitalism rewards those who live within thier means and who work hard.
    Nothing is given and the government is not your savior. The system can never be equal. An old man once are born a Democrat, once you get your first job- you become a republican. No truer words have been spoken. I saw this in my grandparents who came here " LEGALLY" from Cuba in 1961. I saw it in my parents and alot of my friends.
    The system works great if you understand that that those at the bottom will remain at the bottom if they never strive to go higher. Dreams are free -----The hustle, well that's sold separately!!!!!
  • Batteries are sometimes sold seperately, and sometimes come included in the box, you just have to check what the box says
  • Hello from Germany, where capitalism and socialism live happily together.
  • Take a look at Netflix produced exclusive content and that's what they are spending the majority of the money - I'm sure some goes to the bottom line. No commercials, large library (20,000+) and it's still a bargain. If you don't like the majority of their exclusive content then you are free to go elsewhere. As a cord cutter since 2008 I am still quite happy with Netflix as the core of my TV watching arsenal (in fact, Netflix and Amazon (as much for the Free Shipping as TV content) are my only TV sources in addition to purchasing new content).
  • Also have to include all the different family members you share your login with.
  • I have the Ultra HD plan and I share my account with 2 other families. 1 of them lives in another country. I have over $200 in credits from Samsung promotions and now Tmobile will be paying for most of my membership, so I won’t be paying for quite some time.
  • Yeah. $14/mo is still absolutely a steal for what I get from Netflix. They also went for a REALLY long time without a rate increase before their rate hike last year, so I'm a long, long way from complaining about this.
  • Same.
  • Not all prices go up. Far from it. That said, An extra buck or two for more original content is fine with me.
  • They need money for their shareholders
  • Still happy with my cable.
  • We might be the only two left.
  • I suppose it's possible to be happy with cable if you're not on Comcast
  • I had the same feeling about Comcast until I moved from Illinois to Texas. I will take Comcast any day over time Warner/Spectrum. How does the saying goes careful what you wish for?
  • Ain't that the truth. Moved to Hawaii from Texas and I'd now give anything to get Comcast X1 back. The "new" cable box I got from spectrum is like the box I had 9 years ago at Comcast. Archaic.
  • I had Comcast since the 90s. I recently switched to ATT due to them offering me fiber internet with 1Gbps both ways for $70/m. I prefer the Comcast X1 service over U-verse. I also like that with Comcast you can watch your recordings online.
  • Nah, still happy with my cable, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.
  • Time to get on the T-mobile plan where they pay for your Netflix.
  • LOL It does make T-Mobile's plan $12 a year more attractive.
  • By charging you for a more expensive plan...
  • Rabbit ears with tin foil do it for me
  • And a Chanelmaster DVR for me. I get my network content queued up for when I'm ready to watch it.
  • Still less than my data-limited cable internet bill went up by last year. I'm paying more additional per month on that than what Netflix charges overall... They're trying to get every penny they can out of cord cutters. If you don't get TV through them, they give you about half the available data. Maybe I'd get TV though them if they'd give me the actual price. All promos they list NEVER show the price after the promo period, and when you call, they won't give you a straight answer. Sorry, venting about Armstrong... Off topic...
  • Went up by $1. That's it. I'm getting rid of my Netflix!
  • $2 if you use 4K content. It is a 16% price increase for 4K users. Since they'll be losing Disney next year, it seems a bit silly for them to be upping the price.
  • WTF? This isn't news. If people want the content you have to pay the price...... Maybe Android Central should stop hiring children ala sweat shop and find some talent that actually wants to cover Android happenings.
  • Wow! Maybe, in the future, you should wait to post comments until AFTER you've had your morning coffee, no? 😀
  • The model is really quite simply content costs money. Content creators will require more money when contracts get renewed. Netflix is a business with deep debts, something has to give.
  • Maybe we should let them Wither away and move on. Amazon, YouTube and others will still exist.
  • YouTube is in even worse condition with content creators not getting paid any more. Amazon streaming business only exists because of Netflix.
  • Surely the whole point of the additional content was to increase subscribers? If that had happened they'd be rolling in money so wouldn't need to increase the price. It doesn't cost them more than a dollar or so to add an extra subscriber.
    To me this seems like they've not got the increase they needed so they have to up the individual charge.
  • I only get Netflix when a new Marvel show or season comes out. No biggie for me
  • Boo!!
  • They can at least improve the selection of movies/shows.
  • You must be subscribed to a different Netflix than I. Plenty of content on there.
  • Have you seen the selection that they have in England and even Canada?
  • Netflix Originals make it worth the price of admission. All the other shows and movies that have made it to DVD/Blu Ray in the past are just fluff. I'll turn on an old movie and listen to it as I clean the house.
  • I have a developmentally disabled child that loves Netflix. It has been great for him, it helps him learn. Small price to pay.
  • For some reason I think the price hike has to do with Netflix partnering up with T-Mobile. Maybe offset some costs
  • Tmobile is paying Netflix.
  • Are they paying Netflix the full cost of a subscription? Probably not. I'd be completely blown away if they weren't getting a deal...
    Figure in Tmo subscribers who are also Netflix subscribers, then profit $ suddenly go down...$1 more (or $2) would suddenly pad their pockets more to make up the difference and more (to help create new content).
  • They can keep their new content. They did not even have original content when I first started with Netflix. That was not why I paid for Netflix.
  • They pay the middle tier completely as a monthly credit.
  • I think your comment may read a little confusingly. Bundling with TMobile means I pay Netflix $0 for the middle tier. You are likely correct in saying that TMobile is unlikely paying Netflix $10.99 each user.
  • How is that confusing? Tmobile will credit your account the full price of the middle tier. And now with the price increase tmobile has confirmed they will credit you the new pricing also. As to the details you will need to contact tmobile directly.
  • Somebody gotta pay for star trek discovery lol
  • Star Trek Discovery is on CBS All Access, how would that impact Netflix?
  • It's on Netflix outside the US.
  • Looks like it's not just a US-only thing. They're expected to raise the prices in Netherlands, too. I won't mind it if they at least try to make available some half of what's in the US. I want Friends, so that I don't need to have them on my drive.
  • We all want friends, but asking for some on an tech website isn't the way to do it
  • With the streaming services becoming so popular, it's going to make the cable/satellite providers lower there costs. And eventually, the streaming services will become what those providers are today..... expensive.
  • then we just go back to the cable providers because they lowered their prices...
  • Exactly! This is what Simba was talking about when he was singing about the circle of life
  • Got the notice in Canada about 3 weeks ago. I simply downgraded from the premium 4K plan to the standard HD as i am just a casual netflix user. Still way cheaper than even basic cable in this country
  • Most of cable isn't on Netflix, so that price comparison is ignorant. If you care about cable, you likely have both. And with cable companies having on-demand, you're paying largely for the original Netflix content. Netflix is basically like HBO, at this point, except it's streaming only. Orange is the New Black is not Game of Thrones.
  • To be fair It was ridiculously cheap to start with, it was never going to last. And when this price rise hits the UK I'll not mind, even at £20 it's still good value. Loads of 4k content, the HDR offerings on the rise. It's still value.
  • You really are a true believer, seanjenkins...
  • Everything goes up BESIDES our paycheck.
  • exactly
  • With FREE STREAMING in HD and some 4K with no buffer... why pay for Netflix. Guess you just like saying (lets Netflix and chill)...nope how about Firestick with !@#$...LMAO
  • Or maybe people prefer to support content creators and distributors by actually PAYING for the content rather than feeling they have some right to entitlement
  • I don't see an issue doing this with some things. A friend bought a movie on iTunes in 3D. Didn't have 3D HDCP compliant stuff, but had a 3D TV. Couldn't watch it. So he "pirated" a DRM free version. I see zero moral issue with that, as he owned a legal copy, shouldn't have to buy more hardware imho. When people say streaming plugin that won't be mentioned for a great media center never buffers for free, and gives them 4k I laugh. Netflix streams 4k to me just fine, "free plugins" buffer on 720p.
  • Nschostacks,. That's theft. Hope you enjoy that sick in jail.....oh bad pun, my bad !!
  • Have both prime and Netflix. Will be dropping Netflix. This is going to continue until we're paying cable notices for a streaming service. At least prime has some associated benefits which basically pays you back for the service. We're going to drop this one.
  • In my country they masked it by calling it "charging you in your local currency to simplify billing" while using a high exchange rate.
  • Damn, there goes my I can't get CBS all access! (I joke, I joke)
  • I'll have cable until I die and I have no interest in Netflix. But for all the content you can apparently get from them it seems extraordinarily cheap. They should raise like this every six months until they get significant pushback.
  • Canceled Netflix a long time ago. No hole that couldn't been filled with Amazon prime. And now that Disney is leaving it'll only get worse.
  • Amazon’s offering here in my country is absolutely shameful.
  • Netflix is still a Godsend here in South Africa even at that increase it’s still a steal.
  • I don't mind the price increase. I love most of the Netflix Original Series and look forward to more :) . Well worth the money.
  • still cheaper than in Poland :D
  • Cheaper than rubbing two copper pennies together ? That's how the Jewish invented copper!!
  • Well at least it's not a dramatic increase so it's survivable.
  • I will just downgrade to the $7.99 service and just use amazon prime when they raise that price...
  • What does this mean for tmobile free netflix
  • It's the same, TMobile covers this. I didn't see them say, but they replied in a DM on Twitter.
  • Free on TMobile:)
  • The increase is not worth it for me because I don't watch their original content. They hardly have any of the movies I want to watch. Might be time to let go.
  • what happens with the free Netflix from T-Mobile? Do we pay an extra $1 a month or is that included?
  • They said it is. Basically TMobile is going to cover the new price. I have the 4k plan, so I was paying $2 on top, now I pay $3 on top for 4k.
  • I don't get value from Netflix original content and have been considering dropping them because they rarely have license for shows/movies I'm trying to find - 9 times out of 10 we wind up on Hulu or Vudu, and with the focus on original content instead of growing outside relationships seems to be getting worse. I do, however, wish Netflix could be the provider for everyone else's infrastructure, their network optimization is amazing.
  • TMobile said they're covering the price hike, so I'm only going to see $1 difference, I'm on the 4k 4 stream thing.
  • I don't mind this price hike, especially if content improves.
  • T-Mobile pays for my subscription so I'm not worried.
  • Many years ago I got Netflix because it was the only place to watch the TV show Firefly. In the 3 months we had it we couldn't find a decent film to watch that we hadn't already seen previously. Since then I've seen nothing in its offering that would attract me back.