Is The myTouch 3G Launching on August 5th?

It's been an odd journey for the HTC Magic to come to the US, we've had a name change (from the HTC Magic), previously unknown announcements, and vague launch dates. Well, according to some incredible research, it looks like the vague "Early August' target date has been specified to be August 5th.

It's not confirmed yet so don't go planning August 5th as your 'go to the local t-mobile store day' but it does fall in line with previous reports. The date was determined by taking a look at the source of the dev server of the official myTouch 3G website. We were hoping for an August 1st launch day but we think a couple days later would still be completely satisfactory.

Now let's hope for no delays!


  • Isn't Date(2009,7,5,12,0) July 5th, or am I reading parameters incorrectly?
  • The month in the Date object in JavaScript is zero-indexed, so 7 is August.
  • Very clever indeed. It'll be interesting to compare the first weekend numbers to the Palm Pre's launch.
  • T-Mobile and HTC have dragged their feet so long, other better outfitted Androids are now on deck, so I will wait.
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