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Hundreds of products, lots of them phones, and one of the most insane autumns in tech history. 2018 has had it all, from the quirky and downright ludicrous to the fabulous and outrageous, but which products stood out? This is MrMobile's Best of 2018, bought to you by the folks at!

Best smartphone: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro is the reason my reviews of five other products have been delayed – because the second I saw it at that first New York City briefing I decided it was so compelling I needed to spend a week with it in London. And I don't regret it for a second. The Mate 20 Pro is just the kick in the pants the smartphone world needed in 2018.

The Disruptor: OnePlus 6T

It brings everything great about the OnePlus 6 (well, almost everything … RIP, headphone jack) and preserves the price tag that's kept OnePlus in the headlines for five years running. Overseas you've had your Pocophone fun, but here in the States, no smartphone has been more disruptive in 2018.

Captain2Phones: BlackBerry KEY2

This one is reserved for the phone so distinctive, unparalleled or just … weird that it forces you to adopt the lifestyle that earned me the "Captain2Phones" moniker over a decade ago. The phone that insists upon itself strongly enough that you'll carry an extra one rather than ditching it. This year's selection: the BlackBerry KEY2.

Stay Mobile Award: Nintendo Switch, Motiv Smart Ring, Sony WH1000-XM3

This award goes to three gadgets beyond the smartphone world, since (as longtime followers will recognize) MrMobile has covered the full gamut of mobile tech, from smartwatches to electric cars, right from the beginning. This year the winners are three – and to get the full story on 'em, you'll need to watch the video above!

Viewer's Choice: Win the best tech of 2018!

You've probably got your own opinions and you might have voted differently. Well, you've still got the chance! There's also a fifth award, which is where YOU can get involved. Five lucky viewers will receive one of the winning products (one winner per category), delivered in time for the holidays!

A shortlist of 22 devices including many of the hottest phones of the year and there can only be one winner!

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  • Huawei. Isn't that banned in the USA?
  • I'm not 100% sure if it's actually banned (except for government agencies -- it's banned there), but because of the government stance and their comments, networks and many retailers aren't selling it in USA. It looks like is selling Huawei devices though.
  • The world is a lot larger than the good ole USA.
  • Finally someone who isn't drinking the Google Pixel Kool-Aid.
  • No Pixel, which is refreshing. But, the irony of the man who put a knife in the back of the U11 choosing a phone with a 55% screen to body ratio... lol.
  • Nice to see the Key2 in there... My friend has the Huawei P20 pro, have to agree with Mr Mobile best Android phone out there... Samsung should be worried...
  • Would would Samsung be worried? Huawei isn't sold in the US and other countries after taking a negative stance against them.
  • Samsung worry? LOL, no. Until Huawei gets wireless charging and Samsung Pay, they won't be anywhere close on my radar.
  • ...wireless charging? dude not only it has wireless charging but reverse wireless charging as well. and you expect "samsung pay" to come to a non-samsung phone? O.o
  • The damn thing doesn't have a headphone jack or MicroSD storage. There's no way it could be the best of 2018. The LG V40 is not even considered at all, knowing that it has the best audio output and the best video recording of any other phone.
  • Has nanoSD expandable storage though. V40 would be lucky to make the top 10
  • Not the same as MicroSD.
  • Who cares? It's expandable storage when many are omitting it altogether.
  • Good luck finding them and have fun paying more.
  • "Best for Me" it has to be, and is, the LG G7. The fact that LG kept the headphone jack, dumped the Quad-Dac into it and the Boombox "speaker" has me wanting to hold on to a phone for the first time in four years. It's the right size, the SD 845 like every body else, really nice camera even though it's not "the best". Simply, it's an enjoyable phone. I'm happy with it. I haven't seen anything come out this year (that I can afford) that makes me want to trade.
  • Everyone is going to have different features of a phone that are important to them. So trying to nail down the best phone is going to be impossible.
  • Agreed for USA it's OnePlus 6t!! I'll be getting one next year and using it on Verizon prepaid!!!!
  • I own the P20 Pro and my wife has the Mate10 Pro and I don't thing anything tops what Huawei is putting out these days. What's crazy is that they are iterating their flagship twice a year and probably more than that since they are getting ready to release the hole in the screen phone. By the way, although we are currently living outside of the US we bought both phones in the US for cheaper than our resident country.
  • Huawei is a no-go for me but looks like a sweet phone. I personally like the OnePlus 6T and probably my favorite if I had to use a phablet. Which I won't.
  • People aren't robots so there will always be differences in opinion. I have a Galaxy Note 9 and I'm very very pleased with it. Huawei stepping up their game is good for the industry and the customers. Samsung and Apple, in particular, both know complacency could drastically affect their 2019-20 sales.