Motorola Xoom getting official SD support soon -- in Canada

Although the Motorola Xoom has been getting some Android 3.1 love as of late, one thing that is still missing is the long sought after SDCard support. Today though, Motorola Canada gave us some insight as to when we may see it -- although, we've heard "coming soon" plenty of times now and what was posted, only leads to more questions.

The Motorola XOOM upgrade for Canada is coming soon! Some of the feature upgrades include basic external SD card support for general SD file and media access, expanded support for USB-connected accessories, additional Bluetooth support and Picture Transfer Protocol to enable easier transfer of photo files to your PC.

Cool! Coming soon for Canadians -- but, what about the rest of the Motorola Xoom owners out there? Granted, we weren't expecting Motorola Canada to say much about any other releases but it sure would be nice to hear something.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Brendon!

  • I think there smoking that funky tobacco up there. I doubt it
  • If that's true then this is bullshit.
    Xoom wifi usa owner...
  • Stop me if im wrong but didn't the hackers fix this already.
  • yes they did just a hack and asus did a hack work around to get it to work but the general public is going to search out or mess with rooting and such
  • Well it works on Acer Iconia too. So characterize it as a "hack" if you will, but to me it just looks like a bug fix in a (semi) open-source project. It just worked perfectly out of the gate on the Acer. Does that mean Acer has better programming staff than Moto, or did they pay Google for the fix, or did the Acer 3.0.1 version start from a later Adroid build? Doesn't matter to me. It works.
  • why doesn't moto learn from the tiamat implementation?
  • Im glad i didn't buy one. I am Google number one fan! I read about a new update in another country everyday! As much as i hate apple......It works out the box! I dont have to hear about Italians, Russians, Canadians etc getting updates that should of came out the box......How do you sale a tablet with nothing working....SMH that's a "lemon" in my opinion. Mechanics just keep working on it over and over!
  • i see where you are going with this, but many folks would agree. i am one of those, i will never forget the Superbowl commercial that aired and once it shipped the same features that lured me in, quickly faded. i cant comprehend the logic either.
  • Which is funny that you say, since the iPad doesnt even have a SD slot.
    No USB... Very lame... Motorola Xoom has great hardware and keeps getting are an iTroll, so go back to harrassing Charlie Sheen..
    Apple products are for the borderline retarded..
  • I agree with you in the fact that this should have worked out the box, but I can not side with you in that Apple does it right. Are we forgetting the antenna problem with the iPhone 4????? No one can tell me that they did not see an issue there. If they did they need to re-evaluate their testing methods. Just my opinion....
  • I am pretty sure they are just talking about the expanded USB host capabilities in 3.1. They say 'External SD card' which makes me think of SD cards in a reader plugged into the micro usb slot.
  • No, you misread that. There are basically 4 things coming in this update: 1)upgrades include basic external SD card support for general SD file and media access,
    2)expanded support for USB-connected accessories,
    3)additional Bluetooth support
    4)Picture Transfer Protocol In the Honeycomb world "external SD card" refers to the microSD card that you can put into the (internal) microSD slot. (Its crazy wording, but by external they refer to storage not built into the device, but added by the owner). In addition this announcement mentions improvements to the USB capabilities, as well as new bluetooth profiles, which suggests that you might be able to use additional bluetooth devices beyond headphones. (Guessing things like keyboards, file transfer, etc).
  • Ah that makes sense then,
  • It does not seem any Canadian Xoom owners got the recent upgrade maybe they are holding off and roll two updates at once. I impatiently wait.
  • Is this a hardware issue or what? Why didn't it work at release, and why does it (seemingly) require 3.1 to fix it? My Acer Iconia handles External SD card just fine, (as well as external USB storage). Its running Andorid 3.0.1. No problems there.
  • "Some of the feature upgrades include basic external SD card support for general SD file and media access" Basic and general, what does that mean...
  • it means that you have USB host support so I'd you get the Motorola adapter cable and a USB card reader it would work
  • Well i got mine on the 13th. and its all good...but us Canadians don't have the movie rental in the market yet.Hope Google gives us that soon.
  • I just received an OTA update in North Carolina for my WiFi Xoom this morning. SD card is definitely working!!!
  • Come on RIM, hooks us up with USB hosting as well so we can hook up digital cameras, external hard drives or even printers!