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Motorola Xoom at Best Buy on Feb. 17?

When we broke the news of the Motorola Xoom's minimum advertised price, the obvious question remained -- WHEN can we get one? Looks like Feb. 17 will be the date at Best Buy, if this leaked screenshot is to be believed. Whether that matches when Verizon itself will make the Android 3.0 tablet available remains to be seen.

And just to reiterate -- the $799 price that we brought you is the "minimum advertised price" and not what you're likely to have to pay for all that Honeycomb goodness.  Everyone's favorite Panda is anticipating a $500 or so price tag after subsidy, and we're inclined to agree. Though any Wifi-only version is going to have to come down a bit before we break out our wallets. [Engadget]

  • Pleaseee let there be a less expensive model...
  • I will be there at opening if this is true!!! Cannot wait.
  • Noooooooo... moto crap... i mean moto tablet... a..? Mmmm... no thank you, ill wait for the HTC TAB... not some cheap moto
  • I love ignorant comments like this that have no basis. Have you ever had a newer Motorola product? I am not talking a RAZR. My wife has an Incredible, my dad has an EVO and I have a Droid X. I know people with Droid 2's, original Droids, Galaxy S phones, and just about any model you can think of. Hands down, Motorola's build quality is second to none. I am not talking about the BLUR crap that they have for software. Strictly the quality of the unit itself. While HTC has nice products, just hold a phone from the Motorola Droid family in one hand and an HTC device in another. The difference is huge. HTC does not even use Gorilla Glass on their screens! Know your stuff before making comments.
  • Yeah HTC makes the most horrible hardware in the world, I think. Qualcomm processors, no gorilla glass, horrible camera quality, horrible microphone quality, etc. Good software, but that's all they have. Just Sense. Everything else is absolutely CHEAP in the most negative sense (no pun intended) of the word. Between HTC and MOto, I would go Moto anyday. They don't make the best looking phones (in fact, they are all ugly as hell) but at least they have competent hardware that can actually run software that is introduced 6 months down the road.
  • "...but at least they have competent hardware that can actually run software that is introduced 6 months down the road." Yeah, so does HTC. My Hero is running Froyo (CM 6.1) with a custom kernel? How about your D2/DX? Oh wait, Moto locks their bootloaders... 2nd Gen Snapdragons run great, good luck with Gorilla Glass if you ever drop your phone (GG is more brittle than regular glass), the EVO's camera disagrees, mic quality is fine, etc.
  • Yeah.... A custom kernel. Try running NOVA on that phonr. Or maybe Dungeon Defenders. Or any software that takes high end graphics. In fact, try it on an Evo also. Because they don't run. Qualcomm makes cheap processors. By the way, I don't have a motorola device. I use galaxy S. With the most powerful hardware. Second generation snapdragon runs well, not great. If you are trying to open the calendar and your contact list, anything will run well. To to compare the speed of opening photos, loading videos and paying 3D games. The htc devices will be by far the worst compared to every other manufacturer out there. Trust me, I used to have an evo before I returned it. I drop my phone all the time. There is a reason all major manufacturers are moving to gorilla glass. Because it lasts longer. Manufacturers would not use something worse. And all tests on the glass disagree with you on durability. Finally, you haven't actually tested or seen comparisons between htc and every other manufacturer as far as mic quality and camera quality because if you had, you would not be saying this. Look it up online. There are literally hundreds of comparisons online. HTC is the most overrated company on the technology front. All they do well is sense.
  • waitwaitwait. Toshiba < HP < Apple != Good < Better < Best
  • Honestly, I'd rather pay the $800 and end up with no damn contract. An iPad with 64GB / WiFi and 3G costs $829.
  • If they release a WiFi only without an encrypted bootloader then count me in!!!
  • And $400 or less, and it might be worth considering. Might.
  • A smartphone costs over 500, and is 1/4 (or less) the size. Sure, there is something to be said about bigger objects not being as expensive, but you have to be realistic here. This thing is still using Cellphone/mobile Ram/processor/etc so it will have the same pricing constraints. If they do release one around the point you want it's going to be trading something (most likely next to no internal storage, maybe less ram, lower quality display). I think the wifi only version of the 32gb version will most likely be 650 or so. and a 16 (if they make one) could get as low as 500, but don't expect it to get much less than that, at least until Tablets are more common (or Windows8 comes out and it works on ARM based devices)
  • 10" Notion Ink tablet $400
    10" iPad tablet $500 If you don't think a quality 10" tablet can be made for between $400 and $500, then the numbers, above, disagree with you!
  • $400? LOL Keep dreaming. A phone off-contract is $500+ so what makes you think something with a lot more cost like a tablet should be less than that? I imagine that the wifi only version will be $599 as that is comparable to the 32GB wifi iPad price.
  • Phone prices are artificially high BECAUSE of the carriers. You can't compare the prices of phone or carrier (3G/4G) equipment to WiFi-only equipment. Case in point- 32GB iTouch 4 $275
    32GB iPhone 4 $700 (Pricing from Best Buy, TODAY) The two devices, above, are nearly identical, only one of them is a "phone" and through a carrier. Which proves my point very clearly. Meanwhile: 10" Notion Ink tablet $400
    10" iPad tablet $500 And Apple is notoriously overpriced. $400 is a completely reasonable expectation for a quality 10" Android Wifi tablet.
  • Please let there be a WiFi version launched then too!
  • I'm still holding out to see how the UI (and device) perform, but I'm pretty excited for this. Depending on how Verizon's LTE plans are, I might even get the expensive one ($800). Yes, it's pricey, but it's in line with similar devices, and if Google had a hand in this like they did the OG droid, the thing should be built like a tank when it comes to build quality.
  • Please tell me, in what way does having to sign up for a 2 year contract for a tablet even REMOTELY a good deal??? Even if the subsidized price was $500, figure at least $30/month on a 2 year plan, meaning $360/year, meaning what you'll end up paying for the $800 tablet is $500 + 360 + 360 = $1220! Seriously??? I really wish people would stop drinking the subsidized koolaid. Is everyone so blind as to see that the unsub price on devices like this (and phones) is an exaggerated mark up with the entire purpose being to scare people away from purchasing the device by itself and instead committing themselves to a 2-year contract, in which case the carrier makes MUCH more money and effectively takes the consumer for a ride! Newsflash - ITS NOT A PHONE - IT DOESN'T NEED 3G, its just an OPTION.
  • This type of logic always bothers me. The 360 doesnt only pay for the subsidy but it also provides wireless data anywhere you go. that has to be worth something. Price it out, what is the cheapest data card you can buy? I think you will find that $300 dollars off the tablet is not too bad of a deal if you actually want the 3g service.
  • You clearly didn't understand my logic. Most of us now have rooted smartphones that 1) already have a data plan, and 2) provide wifi tethering. So to directly answer your question, NO, the "wireless data anywhere you go" is worth exactly nothing. Am I the only one who finds it absolutely ridiculous that every wireless device one owns requires the purchase a separate data plan for each one??? That's exactly like your cable company requiring you do pay for entire service play for EACH of your TV's, plus one for each of the computers you use.
  • So how much do you think you spend for these phones, btw? They should be giving away the phone for free if you looked at how much you spend on the plan over 2 years. Regardless, $300 off the regular price for a contract is on-par with a phone. IMO it should be $349 or less with a minimum $30 contract and that'd be "acceptable". At least at that rate you'd pay the same as the off-contract value with data for two years.
  • Will wait for the wifi only version. Hell to the no! I'll just teather and be done with it.
  • I get the feeling the pricing on the Xoom will never be good. 2 year agreement for another data device when I already have unlimited data? It would be great if the data was the same as Verizon runs with the Ipad. Buy a month and you can cancel.
    Looks like I might be going back to the Adam. Better to wait for a 3.0 upgrade then pay nearly $700 more overall for a tablet.
  • I'm going to follow Motorola's advice and shop elsewhere... I was interested in the Xoom until that story broke.
    I love my Evo (I would like to see hardware improvements, but I wouldn't call this device cheap) and am waiting to see what HTC is going to offer.
  • Honestly though, you're a fool if you are an early adopter for almost any electronics. The Xoom will be great, but if you wait about 3 months you're more than likely to get one for $600 off contract (wifi only version) or at least be able to weigh more options (HTC Scribe, HP Topaz, LG Slate, Toshiba Tab, etc.).
  • The price will drop in a few months especially if sales are slower than expected.
  • $799? Dream on people... Big Red and BB will charge thru the nose for one of those bad boys... think original pricing for the Galaxy Tab: -( sad but true...
  • WiFi only version may be around $650 which I would gladly pay to stay free from VZW. Hope they sell it everywhere. Not just Verizon
  • $650 would be extremely overpriced. If you can get an iTouch 4 for $275, a 10" Notion Ink for $400, and a 10" iPad for $500, then $400 is a reasonable price for a quality, 10", WiFi, Android tablet. You will NEVER get a reasonable price on any device that is sold through a phone carrier.