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Motorola Titanium heading to Sprint on July 24, $149 on contract

The Motorola Titanium looks to be headed to Sprint on July 24 for a cool $149, according to the leaked flyer above. Don't recall the Titanium? Heck, we can't remember back to May either. To refresh your memories, the Titanium's got a full front QWERTY keyboard, 3.1-inch display, 5 MP rear camera, and Android 2.1 Froyo Eclair all housed inside a dust, shock, and heat-proof casing. Oh, it'll support Nextel's Direct Connect services too. Think of it as an indestructable walkie-talkie running Android. Pretty cool, huh? We'll keep an ear out for official word from Sprint, but if you're patiently holding out for a phone to put through the ringer, it looks like you won't have to wait much longer.

Source: Engadget; SprintFeed

  • Anndrew 2.1 is Eclair ........ which is highly embarrassing for sprint. Because its not a mass marketed device it is stuck on a 2 year old OS?
  • 2.1 froyo! WOOT!
  • For the device's purpose, it does it's job.
  • Because it is clearly Sprint's fault that Motorola put 2.1 on it!
  • lol...this is Android Central and we're getting confused over OS version names..awesome
  • Who gives a crap! I want my Galaxy S II now.
  • What about Photon????????
  • This is where Google needs to put its foot down. Selling phones that have eclair on them at this point in time? Really?
  • Within for the win!!!!
  • MOTO just sucks it. HTC all the way!!!
  • This phone has a purpose and it's not to be cutting edge. It's to be tough and functional. Why do so many people here think every phones purpose is to be hightech? Some people Obviously don't understand that for android to truly dominate they have to cater to EVERY niche. Some of you need to quit whining. End rant.
  • Functional yes, but why put a 2 year old OS on a new phone? At least use 2.2. Android suffers from enough fragmentation already. There is no reason to add to it with a new phone.
  • +1 i'm with dacp283, not EVERYONE is up to date with the highest of technology phones. Some people need to start somewhere, and an older android OS Platform is probably an easier place for them to learn since it doesnt have quite so many things to confuse them. Most of us were crazy excited to have all the technoloogy had with 2.1 when it was out, and i'm sure newcomers will be too. At least it's another phone running android!
  • I understand not NEEDING the latest and greatest, but that doesn't mean newly released phones should get away with being outdated.
  • Who on this thread is running out to buy one??? NO ONE!!! So shut the f#@$ up about it and keep using your high end devices. What a bunch of cry babys you bi@#&$s are!!!
  • The writer obviosly put a cross over the word Froyo as a joke. Anyways like a toughbook this is designed to be a tank, not a bleeding edge device. So what if it has Eclair? Would you really want to watch video or play games on that small of a screen? Everybody needs to realize they aren't the experts... otherwise you would be posting this on YOUR site. Lame.
  • First off - the original article DID NOT have froyo lined out. Second, depending on how much internal memory this phone has left over for apps, Eclair has a serious handicap out of the box not having apps2sd capability (without rooting and hacking) which has nothing to do with FLASH or multimedia capabilities. For the new Android user - the fact that there is limited app storage space on pre-Android 2.2 is often a rude introduction to the OS. So while I agree with the sentiment that the latest and greatest version of the OS need not be available on a mid-level phone, there are some serious limitations with the basic functionality of 2.1 besides eye candy and multimedia capability that today's android newbies and vets should not have to still deal with.
  • "Not need the latest and greatest"? You've got to be kidding. Releasing a new phone with a two year old OS doesn't make sense on any level. Releasing it with Froyo would be enough of a joke but releasing it with ECLAIR?? REALLY. And they're trying to compete with Apple and Windows Mobile? Even the lame Palm has the good sense to not release a "New" phone with a two year old OS. That's just DAFT!! Way to go Sprint. NOT!!
  • It's designed for "construction guys" It will need crazy long battery life.
    That's why the low processor speed, etc.
  • it's called the Motorola "XPRT" on their latest TV commercial.
  • That's not the same phone. XPRT is a world phone geared towards business customers.
  • correct me if im wrong but the only other ANDROID running nextel is the motorola i1 and its fully touch screen and it runs android 1.5!! it wont update any higher and so, this is a BIG step up for moto. and like others said, its for businesses in construction and maintenance. aka these ppl using the phone get dirty and im sure a lil clumsy. i think the phone is awesome for what its made for. business need a relyable phone that wont die and not loaded with battery killing bling. give their respect for a great updated nextel compared to the current one. and if you dont plan to get it or interested, there is no need for your comment. end rant lol
  • Hay Duby1186 you commented does that mean you are on your way to get yours now, good luck with that I hope you love your new old os!