Hello, Moto

Motorola has once again updated their Android software upgrades page, this time filling in much of the details for U.S. devices and the Jelly Bean rollout. It's a big (and getting confusing) list, so you'll want to be sure to have a look at the source link, but we can pretty much wrap things up with the short version.

These devices are getting, or have received Jelly Bean, and if any time frame was given, it is noted

  • DROID RAZR M (XT907) -- before 2013
  • DROID RAZR HD (XT926) -- before 2013
  • DROID RAZR MAXX HD (XT926) -- before 2013
  • ATRIX HD (MB866)
  • PHOTON Q (XT897)
  • ELECTRIFY 2 (XT881)
  • DROID RAZR (XT912)
  • DROID 4 (XT894)
  • MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi-Only (MZ604) -- July 2012
  • MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi + 3G/LTE (MZ600/MZ602) -- Q4 2012

As of today, if your phone or tablet (U.S. only) is not listed, the Jelly Bean update is not scheduled for you. Of course, Motorola says things are under evaluation, and subject to change.

Again -- these updates are for the U.S. only devices. Motorola hasn't updated anything about the rest of the world just yet, but looking at the list above it's pretty easy to come to a conclusion. If your phone was built after the Bionic, you might get Jelly Bean. If not, you can only hope it meets the criteria for Motorola's trade-up program

Feel free to fill the comments with opinions and rage -- just don't shoot the messenger.

Source: Motorola. Thanks everyone who sent this in!