Motorola Flipout headed to AT&T this Sunday?

We've been following the Motorola Flipout's slow road towards AT&T since June, and it looks like things are coming to a head this Sunday (Sept. 19), according to Engadget's source.  As we talked about a few weeks ago, the Flipout should ship with Android 2.1-update 1, running Motorola's enhanced Blur, comes in bronze or blue, and is clearly a contender against the BlackBerry Torch for those that need a smartphone with a physical keyboard. 

While not a beast of a device, the Flipout should fill the need for anyone who needs a small form factor with a qwerty, wants a better media experience that the Torch can offer, and doesn't mind using a third-party tool like our SideLoad Wonder Machine to sideload apps.  If this sounds like you, give it a look and shout out if you pick one up. [Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I'm sorry to vent here, but why the h*ll is any Android device being released with anything other than Froyo 2.2?
  • i used to complain about that all the time. i dont even care anymore to tell you the truth. its just another step in googles plan for world domination (ie: that G-Force movie lol)
  • Good point...
  • As one who works in the industry, I can tell you its all because of things like blur. They can't get enough testing done one the newest oses before a launch
  • Wouldn't it be nice if the phone manufactures just released vanilla android phones with the newest OS, and used simple launcher replacements and custom widgets (like LauncherPro or ADW) that we could turn off if we liked, instead of screwing around with the OS?
  • At&t has no 2.2 devices, that's sad at least T-Mobile is getting the G2 with 2.2
  • I would like to play with this phone, coming from a Blackberry Bold 9000. But, one of the reasons I want to go android is for those big, beautiful, awesome screens like the Droid X, Evo, and Galaxy S phones have... :)
  • Yeah. Att is the last to get anything. They are hella hard headed when it comes to getting new stuff....
  • Really...a Star Wars background come on
  • Really...complaining about the background come on
  • What a funky looking phone, I looked at one in a store and if I ever got one I'd only use it as an mp3 and video player because of its size, same goes for the SE Xperia Mini. Secondly, Motoblur is ugly and terrible and I'll bet you for the next year most new phones will still be released with 2.1 when 3.x will be already stable and available, just like devices released in the past 5 months are still equipped with 1.5 or 1.6. I own two Motorola smartphones and both has Motoblur, compared to other branded smartphones, Motoblur is the worst and it bothers me that the Milestone 2 includes the Cliq style Motoblur.
  • The Flipout has the 2nd version of motoblur that doesn't suck though, remember? They don't even like to call it motoblur simply due to the terrible negativity they know surrounds the original name "motoblur".
  • I get that the torch is not a power house of a device but to compare this POS to it is laughable. This phone is not aimed at the torch but an audience that want a small ass phone, a real keyboard, and that runs andorid. The screen size and the fact that is not running a new verison of the software will hinder this device. This will be a great phone for kids not real smartphone people. What a joke of an article.
  • Having used both, I have to disagree. Unless you need BES, this 'laughable POS' outperforms the Torch in every way.
  • I understand what you are saying but I have used both as well and no the filpout does not out perform the torch. This phone is not even considered an top android device. So how can you say it is better and that it outperforms the torch. I like android a lot and Have used many of the devices but saying this phone outshines the torch is like saying the mytouch slide is better than the torch.