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Motorola DVRs to run Motoblur ?

The WSJ is reporting that Motorola is looking to add Motoblur, its custom UI for Android, onto Motorola set-top boxes, better known as DVRs. Considering that many set-top boxes have been looking to add new social networking features to expand its utility, it makes a lot of sense for Motorola to run with a UI that's notoriously social networking heavy. Motoblur is currently used on the Cliq, Devour, and Backflip.

Though we're not sure how exactly Motoblur would translate on a 50-inch HDTV, having a synergic platform between mobile devices and set-top boxes could prove successful. According to CEO Sanjay Jha, Motorola "wants handsets and set-top boxes to have a common platform so they can share media and features." We're definitely interested in seeing this in action but it may take some time--if you think dealing with wireless carriers is rough, cable companies are downright draconian.

In any case, DVRs and set-top boxes are in definite need for a re-imagination or at least an upgrade. Maybe Motoblur can be that change.

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  • While I welcome the imminent invasion by our Google overlords, my mother is not allowed to purchase one of these. Her VCR clock still blinks 12:00 for gods sake. I think Blur on her "tivo machine thingy" would be too much overload.