Motorola Droid X already gets an update

We've had the Motorola Droid X for all of, oh, about 10 hours now, and damned if it hasn't already gotten a software update. Not sure exactly what was changed in version 1.13.516.en.US (that's up from 1.113.514) because the changelog link points to Motorola's home page. More than likely it's just something that was changed after these demo units were assembled. Or, it's quite possibly a conspiracy to keep me from sleeping. Regardless, it's of little use to most everyone, as the device doesn't go on sale until July 15. But you beautiful bloggers out there can go ahead and get your update on.

Phil Nickinson
  • God, I want this phone. It seems to have so much going for it (The HTC Incredible still doesn't even have a dock! :( )
  • It's times like this where I want to contact OEMs, and convince them that my personal blog is enough to get a demo unit. :)
  • How soon we forget. The EVO got a similar update the same day it came on the scene. Nice device, but so far I've seen nothing that would make me regret getting the EVO in any way. The only thing that seems to be better thus far is the buzz. Waiting to see what happens.
  • As an evo owner I'm jealous of the powervgu chip inside for 3d gaming and other multimedia stuff.
    However with the nexus 1, incredible, and the evo, game developers have to suit all of our needs to get customers... I hope.
    I mean gameloft still hasn't done anything...
  • As a Blackberry user, I am jealous that you guys get all these updates. We get all these os leaks and updates too, but they don't really do much in all honesty. Guess its another reason to switch over to android i guess :)
  • I regret my EVO a bit....screen problems and can't get a new one because they're sold out. Wait, does light leakage qualify for an exchange without paying the restocking fee?
  • 3d gaming is nice but I rarely play games on my phones. This thing doesn't have a front facing camera correct? Considering those two factors I'm still very pleased with my choice to ditch the iPhone and get an EVO.
  • Front facing camera is just a novelty and like most everything else it will wear off and become something nobody uses anymore , I certainly would not make video call most of the time . It's ok feature but no deal breaker . I prefer the better made phone with faster processor on a far better network
  • Ahh looks like someone else drives a Nissan.